Sunday, April 30, 2006


I have had several e-mails requesting me to bring back the GOTD. I had stopped doing them for various reasons, laziness being one. It was turning something I loved to do into a massive amount of work. I did need to do something daily or "week daily" and that's when Crazy Dan requested some motivational posters or wallpapers. The project turned out to be a blast. It also started the wheels in my brain spinning. It allowed me lots of freedom in the design and the ability to do something funny and daily without the hours of hours of effort. Yes I'm lazy, we've already covered that. It doesn't hurt that they were well received. Like everyone I enjoy comments they make you want to post more often. So I appreciate all the feedback on them. So I'm going to replace the GOTD with Daily Motivation. Sometimes it will serious. Most of the time, I hope, it will be funny or at least witty. I cannot promise this, everyone has different tastes. I can say I will ruthlessly attack this project as I do everything else. I'm sure Crazy Dan will help with some ideas. So who knows whats what some of them will say in the future. This coming week I will either tackle politics or love. No one is safe. If you have an idea, soot one of in the comments and I'm always looking for great quotes too, be they funny or inspiring.

Where does that leave the GOTD? I've thought this over. I decided I can't kill it. It's what this blog was built on. Instead of GOTD I'm going to make it Girl of the Week. I will try to post GOTW on the weekend, most likely Sunday Night. Another reason for the reinstatement, which will begin shortly, is I got a response from a previous GOTD; Kori Kitten:

"Hey this IS Kori of just want to say I really like the wallpaper you made of me, it's cute.. do you have anymore?"

I didn't Kori, but to usher in the return of half naked girls on West Texas Rocks and to celebrate the birth of GOTW. Here are 3. For my loyal readers here is what you've been craving and Kori drop by anytime!


Crazy Dan said...

It is a red head... I like that first one the best, great work I have not see you use those effects excellent job. Maybe she will give a hug or something. Cause if I was her I would so give you a blowjob for your efforts.

Ann Alsex said...


:P fuzzbox said...

Damn that is cool. West Texas Rocks and so the fuck do you, bro!!!