Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Daily Motivation

It seems like everyone like the motivational wallpapers. Between RockyJay and Crazy Dan there are several ideas that I can play with. So why not? I will try and do a daily "motivation" some times they may be serious, other times funny, or even demotivating. Might as well start the motivating today.

---------------------------------- Crazy Dan---------------------------------

That is a great one. I feel that I need to clarify on few things though about scientology. If you were to sit down and get the facts about it with an open mind and not listening to all these whacked out baby molesting young boy ass pirating Christians you would see that it is actually a pure and great idea. It incorporates all religions and teaches to put your faith in mankind instead of dreaming and hoping that a higher power is going to do everything for you. Scientology is the religion that man can over come anything and I for one believe that man can overcome all adversity if we can learn to live together as one people. In truth our own government's subcontracts to varies Scientlogist agencies to help with drug centers and youth treatment programs.So all you people talking shit, grab a book and read about it instead of making judgements. So before you start talking shit about my man Tom eating that baby's placenta get the facts and not just a story some bullshit reporter said. IF you can't hangle that truth FUCK YOU.


Curare_Z said...

I've got another one for you:


If it takes eating a baby's placenta, well, then I'll do it.

Big D said...

mmmmmmmm placneta

Big D said...

Yeah, I know of you idol worship of the Cruise.

Mimi said...

Scientology and the Wiccan religion both have bad raps. But are actually not freaky like people think.

Sorry though, I can't stand Tom. Never could.

Ann Alsex said...

You make scientology sound really wonderful. So it really is not about aliens wanting to get me pregnant? Hmmmm
I might look into it!

rockyjay said...

I just need to leave a comment with a word: "superhero" as I previously misspelled it -- TWICE!

That is actually the ONLY motivational poster I could (in theory) post on my office wall. It would definitely confuse the hell out of the other people...

Great job.

I purposely ignore the rest of your post.

starbender said...

Oh yes, Tom is definatly a Christen! NOT! There is nothing wrong with scientology, can't say the same about Tom, he seems confused lately! Christens don't go around tellin people FU just cuz they don't share the same belief! (When I do it though, it's just in good fun) heheee!
Did Tom really eat the placenta??? :o

Big D said...

RockayJay: Thanks. That would be great in an office.

Starbender: No idea if he really eat placents. I heard it goes really well with a nice Chianti. I'm pretty sure Crazy Dan was just defending his mentor Tom Cruise. That are trying to provoke peopel. HE is always politically incorrect as possible. That's why it's always interesting.