Thursday, April 27, 2006

Daily Motivation

Somtimes we are take no prisioners here at West Texas Rocks. Then again doesn't everyone enjoy laughing at stupid celebrities. I've heard that the quote was fake, but it sounds like something that Mariah Carey would say. So I'm going to believe it's true.

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Ranea said...

If she doesn't like flies and stuff. Then maybe she should try the Clay Akin diet. Just eat, listen to his cd, and see how much of your lunch you can keep down!

:P fuzzbox said...

Her words bring a tear to my eyes. Perhaps she will win the role of Mother Theresa. The Directer of the upcoming Bollywood pic wants her. I can think of no other more deserving. **clutches head in horror**

starbender said...

Whoa! Did she just say that? First, she doesn't have to look no further than the good 'ole USA for starving children, second, what do flies have 2 do with it, and 3rd., if she felt THAT BAD, she has the money 2 do something about it! I hate the rich and famous!!!

Big D said...

Renea: If I were invisible!

Fuzz: There's an interesting thought.

Starbender: but aren't they great to laugh at.

Shannon said...

LMAOOO..You guys are too funny!

Master Foley said...

shit that was too funny