Thursday, April 27, 2006

Johnny Cash

I finally watched Walk the Line that Fuzz has been pestering me to see. I didn't know very much about Johnny Cash. About the only songs I knew were "A Boy Named Sue" and "Ring of Fire", but I really enjoyed the film, especially the music. It made me want to see what Johnny Cash was all about. So I asked the Fussinator if he had any Johnny Cash CD he'd let me borrow. By borrow I meant steal and he let me "borrow" the Essential Johnny Cash CD. I'm not big fan of country or oldies, this was neither one. To me this was pure fucking metal. I've always thought metal was the attitude not the blaring guitars are the screaming front man or drum solo. To me the Man Black was metal. When you listen to songs like Folsom County Prison, the attitude doesn't scream don't fuck with me, it politely tells you if you fuck with me I'm going to put you in your grave. Today we have bands like Tool who feel "Weak a Powerless" with twelve minute odes to some puzzle about how the pieces are supposed to fit. For some reason people have made them rock stars, forget that don't have a pair of balls dangling down between them. Oh one of those bands maybe Perfect Circle, there the same damn band, get over it. Metallica's latest CD, and I love Metallica, is more about keeping you anger in check then anything else. Johnny Cash though had a pair of balls and he stuck them right in your face. Is there any more of a metal lyric than "I shoot man in Reno, just to watch me die." Sure you'll hear how they want to beat their parents because they didn't love them enough and sometimes you'll hear them screaming for anarchy and fighting oppression. Most of it's screaming though "I'm mad at the world, why doesn't anyone love me?" Johnny Cash didn't sing about a guy mad at the world in Folsom County Prison. "I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die."
Did he kill him because he hated his politics?
Did he kill him because the man spanked him as a child?
Did he kill him because the man didn't hug him enough as a child?
Did he kill him because he fucked his old lady?
No, he shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.

And that's Fuckin' Metal!


:P fuzzbox said...

Damn Straight. Bout time too.

Crazy Dan said...

I didn't think he was all that "metal" because does metal mean pussy whipped as well?

Big D said...

fuzz: Hell yeah.

CD: I don't know. Are you still metal? You have one of the worse cases of whipped I've ever seen.

Anelize said...

I just watched this show night before last. Blew me away. I wouldn't call him pussy whipped at all though. Why do think he was pussy whipped Dan? I find it interesting that men always start hollering PUSSY WHIPPED when they see a strong woman in a relationship with another man (whether he's a "strong" personality or not). What's so emasculating about that? Can't you deal? ;)

Crazy Dan said...


Johnny Wadd said...

My fave Cash song has got to be Cocaine Carolina....def one of his best.

Faith said...

Love this movie! Johnny Cash is hot!

Check out my page,

*Wink* Faith

starbender said...

I have never been a big Johnny Cash fan, but I really enjoyed the movie.