Monday, April 10, 2006

Kiddie Lessons #23

I normally do not talk about work for various reason most being that I like making money and some of my thoughts might get me fired. At any rate I was getting ready to leave work today when my boss stopped me and said by the way tomorrow we are going to the schools to talk about puberty and the changes the kids will be going through. No big deal I will just stand in the corner and watch her give the little speech, but no it could not be easier she informed me that she would be taking the girls and I was to be taking the boys. All I can say is what the fuck, thanks for the notice. I will tell you what transpired tomorrow but for now my speech is going to go something like this:


Big D said...

Do they allow guests because I would love to hear this.

:P fuzzbox said...

BraveHeart for wet dreams. You will rule.

Ranea said...

Freedom from WHAT? Tightee Whitees, you would think that a pre-pubescent boy with no drawers would be more likely to pop a chubby, Don't cha think?

Fuckkit said...

Inspiring. Do you intend to wear the blue face paint as well?

Crazy Dan said...

Big D - I could use a guest speaker plus you probably need to hear this.

Fuzz - Yes, they can take our lives but they'll never take OUR SEAMEN!

Renea - Sounds like someone has penis envy!

Fuckkit - I will spouge on my face and let my manly creation drip down my battle harden rugidness. Or something like that.

Mimi said...

Crazy Dan teaching about puberty?! LMAO!

What do you do for a living that you are having do to this?

starbender said...

Oh, 2 B a fly on that wall>
Good Luck!

Curare_Z said...

Ahh -- the warping of young minds. You know, a side effect of Belladonna is complete loss of could always fein poison to get out of this project. But then again, you'd have to fake your death too, given that Belladonna is usually fatal.


P.S. Thx for visiting.

P.S.S. Isn't Belladonna also the name of a porn star? Don't ask how I know that. I said, don't ask.