Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Daily Motivation

Strategery was coined by Will Farrell on SNL during the first
Presidential debate. The word for me sums up President Bush. When thinking
of a new motivation what do I employ?


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:P fuzzbox said...

Better watch out before they kick you out of the Young Republican's Orginization.

Moment said...

that's priceless :)

Big D said...

fuzz: Who me? I'm an outstanding member.

Moment: Thanks. Nice to see new people.

Mimi said...

Man he is a dumbass! I am proud to say I did not vote for him. Not that the other guy would have done much better.

Big D said...

Mimi: I voted for him 4 times. Both times for governator and both times for President. Yes, I'm part of the problem.

starbender said...

Oh I think We Would have BIGGER BIGGER Problems if that other JACKAZZ would have won!!!
Ya know-Scarry Kerry!
...and his rag-a-muffin wife!

I only vote 4 the lesser of 2 Evils!

No matter who held office now, or in the last 5 yrs., Sept. 11th, changed our lives 4 ever! Let's BLAME TERRORISTS!!! Not George!


Big D said...

Starbender. Don't get me wrong I like George. I just also like telling people who dislike him I voted for hiim 4 times. It gives me great joy. And I've alswys thought a nuclear option should have been used. They are just sitting there, I think it must be very lonely being a nuclear warhead. Maybe I should post that.