Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Daily Motivations

I know its hump day and todays motivation is a picture of Jessica
Simpson boobs. This is a coincidence. I in no way support the humping of Jessica
Simpson. It's like screwing the mentally handicapped. Sure it's easy, but in
the end she is still a retard. What do you know, I guess I have gone cutesy.

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1024x768 perfect for wallpaper.

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Jessica Simpson is not mental handicapped at least after her "intelligence" injection. This injection is usually taken orally, but can be taken rectally. Christina and Pam are also in talks to receive this patented injection system. Applications and tutorials for the injections can be found at


phred said...

Screwing the mentally handicap is a sick thing. But then again......

Big D, could you look at my template? It has a glitch on the right hand side about where the fingers are.

Keep em coming..

Big D said...

I know what the problem is. If you will go into the template tab and copy that and paste into an e-mail. My e-mail is I will be able to fix it.

rockyjay said...

Take your nasty words back!!!

Jessica is sweet and smart girl.

I bet she likes bananas as well!

rockyjay said...


Now that's more like it.

P.S. It's way more effective when taken rectally.