Friday, May 26, 2006

Flame On

I did a post awhile back about going fishing with my dad where a bunch of ninja attacked me. Like most of the crap I write it wasn’t serious in absolutely any way. I’m not trying to win a Pulitzer or even use correct grammar. I just write shit I think is funny. Sometimes it works most often it doesn’t. This morning I open my e-mail telling me there was a comment on that post. Here it is:

Ninja Gizmo said...

First of all, the plural of Ninja is Ninja. Secondly, is a doctored photo the best you can do? He is not even really in his uniform in that one. Thirdly, if a whole group of Ninja descended on you, you would not be here to tell about it. And finally, I would advise you to ask next time you go direct linking to images on a Ninja's site.

Let me respond:

  1. Who gives a rat ass?
  2. It’s called Google, and it was the gayest ninja I could find.
  3. Look at the blog dumbass don't mistake laziness for lack of creativity.
  4. It’s a story, you dumb fuck. I’m not too worried about Ninja in West Texas.
  5. I’ll offer you a little advice since you just finished your first year of college. It’s time to take your mamma’s tit out of your mouth and try to get invited to a party. If you can’t, then just show up at one.

Here is some “Constructive” criticism for you.

Your name on the blog says Nyare Herohtaro? Dude come on, you are white and go to OU. Most people from Oklahoma are inbred so I’m sure your mom couldn’t come up with that name. I bet you’re called Bubba around the house. Just because you sit in the basement watching anime does NOT make you a “young warrior” it makes you a virgin. I see you post about once a month. I think this is because you treat a post like a thesis. Guess what, it doesn’t have to be twenty pages. In your case you can write a simple paragraph detailing the latest Hentai you jerked off to or how the only girlfriends you have are exactly that “friends”. You sound naïve so here is one last nugget of truth for you. I know a lot of engineers, but I don’t know any ethical engineers.


Ninja Gizmo said...

Yay! I'm famous now!

1. No one cares. I was being sarcastic. The only thing I really cared about was image hotlinking.
2. I know all about Google; I have the access logs showing exactly how you found my image.
3. I don't understand this "response" -- did I say anything about laziness?
4. I realize it's a story. But perhaps you don't realize I was being sarcastic.
5. No thanks, I'm most likely not interested in what you'd call a party.

What does me being white have to do with the name on my blog? That is Elvish, and I'm pretty sure I've never seen an Elf with anything but white skin. Lol, funny you should guess that... a couple of my younger siblings did call me Bubba at one time. However, you are incorrect about a couple of things; I do not have a basement, and I extremely dislike anime. The "young warrior" part actually has a different meaning, but only people who know me would understand it. I would explain, but you seem to dislike long posts and this is getting rather long. But yes, I am a virgin, and proud of it. Yes, I have been only posting once a month, but what does that have to do with anything? Apparently you do not like long posts -- well here's a thought for you: You don't have to read mine. My friends are quite happy with the length of my posts. Not quite sure where you got the idea I am naïve... I'm sorry you've had such poor experiences with engineers; I know quite a large number of ethical engineers where I live.

Anyway, I'm sorry you took offence to my comment; I actually thought your post was really funny. The only thing I was annoyed about was that you were hotlinking to content on my site; the rest of the comment was sarcasm.

Big D said...

I didn't take offense it just inspired me for a post. I've been lazy of late.

Ninja Gizmo said...

Oh, well I'm glad I could be a source of inspiration.

Crazy Dan said...

Hell yeah you are the shit Big D. Nija Gizmo you not getting pussy motherfucker bend over I will gladly take your asshole virginity.

Big D said...

CD: No need for that he can take a joke, but sometimes your jokes are a little harsh.

sunkingpoet said...

Hilarious. You should see some of the private emails I reveiced about my wife's forgetfulness. I swear some of them have me checking funeral plots.

People... it ain't all that serious....

Hmmmm... sounds like a good title for a new post, eh?

Johnny Wadd said...

Wow, wannabe ninja(s) are SENSITIVE.

Ninja Gizmo said...

Thanks Big D. I've re-enabled your hotlinking access. Feel free to put the picture back in your post (if you want it) -- the layout just doesn't look right without a picture there. (IMHO)

Or better yet, just copy it; it's friendlier to my bandwidth that way. ;-)

Johnny Wadd: Wannabe Ninja? Where??