Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Godsmack IV Review

This morning I had to do a little field work and go fix a computer with printer and scanner problems at a customer premise. It only took about an hour so it’s wasn’t bad. However, today’s motivation was appropriate. Let’s just say it was extremely dark there.


Just like the title says this is Godsmack’s fourth album. It still does not match the ferocity of their self titled debut “Godsmack”. However, the album “IV” is their best since. Individual tracks like “Speak” and “No Rest for the Wicked” bring back some of that hard in your face anthems that the first CD delivered in spades. “Voodoo Too” is as good as the original and I have this song listed after Voodoo on my playback list for added effect. In the last two outings there has been some great tracks mixed in with crap, this breaks away from that and forms a cohesive album full of sharp metal goodness. No more 15 minute guitar solos and extended drum sets just pure HARD metal. Unlike bands such as System of a Down and Tool I don’t have to tune out all the politically bullshit either. Metal is not about peace, it’s not about whining to politicians, it’s about music that kicks your ass!

3 1/2 out 5


TheHamburger said...

It's hard when your first CD is a hit because everything after is compared to it and that's just hard to back up.

You heard the new Tool yet? It's pretty solid and good to hear the old Tool sounds after a long break.

Mimi said...

I love Godsmack!

Tracy said...

Totally love Godsmack. Going to see them in June! I can't wait! :) It's my Hubby's father's day gift from me! :)

penelope said...

I was going to suggest that you stop being such a boring person, but after reading your garbage I realize that it is unlikely that you will ever change. BORING!

Big D said...

theHambrger: Too true the new Tool is not bad.

Mimi: Awesome

Tracy: Have you never seen them. They kick ass live.

Penenope: Sometimes you just have to be what you are. It's okay I'm good enougth, I'm smart enough and Dog Gone it people like me.

:P fuzzbox said...

GODSMACK RULES!!! Nuff said.