Monday, May 22, 2006

New Books

I stopped by Barnes & Noble this weekend as I was out of books. Barnes & Noble is one of my favorite places. I could spend hours in that store perusing the shelves finding a comfortable chair and sipping some coffee, reading a book I may or may not purchase. I read a book a week, most of the time it’s fantasy. Not too long ago I would be embarrassed to talk about my fascination with fantasy, thinking that I should read books with more substance. Instead I would make small talk about mysteries, war novels, or whatever else the masses read. I got over this reltively quickly. I enjoy books on fantasy it is definitely my genre and prefer it, why hide it. It only takes a few minutes to understand I'm a huge nerd anyway. I read other categories occasionally too, but I would say 90 percent fall into fantasy. Something about dragons, knights and wizards peak my imagination.

When I was growing up the Arthurian legends were always my favorite, most likely due to my last name’s origin, McArthur. When I found out as a kid my named meant Son of Arthur I was mesmerized with the tales. I hated Lancelot and loathed Guinevere, unlike most my favorite knight was always Gawain. The largest of the knights and loyalist knight I was able to identify with his size being bigger then all the other kids myself. Growing up other books only increased my love for fantasy. Books like Narnia, A Wrinkle in Time, and Lord of the Rings only cemented my love for this genre. Fantasy popularity has dramatically increased in recent years with Hollywood’s help and the LOTR movies. Imaginative new worlds like JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and Philip Pullman’s Dark Materials is not only bringing in a new generation of fantasy readers, but sparking the imagination of older readers. For us seasoned readers of fantasy the Song of Fire and Ice series by George RR Martin is revitalizing the shelves full of Tolkien ripoffs. It’s a great time to love this genre and a good time to start if you don’t already.

A lot of blogs review books, I occasionally write a review on my Amazon account. So I may start to bring some of that here. It will give me something to post about anyway. Here is a list of the books I bought this weekend.

The DaVinci Code

I guess it’s about time I see what the hype is about.

Dragon America by Mike Resnick

This is an alternate history book where George Washington commands Daniel Boone to train some dragons to help defeat the British army. I got this book mainly for Crazy Dan. He likes Daniel Boone, actually he likes anyone named Daniel.

Riftwar Legacy by Raymond E. Feist

I’ve read the Conclave of Shadows series so I thought I’d purchase this worlds beginnings. Krondor the Betrayal is the first book in a three part series.

Free Masonry for Dummies.

The secret society of the Free Masons in a dummy book, How could I resist?


:P fuzzbox said...

Geek ;)

Crazy Dan said...

The movie was pretty damn cool! I like conspiracy theories. Cool Daniel Boone training dragons sounds awesome, I keep telling you people named Daniel are ass kickers!

Breezy said...

well i just finished reading the book, watched the movie last night, and i have to say i liked the book better than the movie, i can see where there's a lot of people angry about this book, but all i have to say is it's a book, fiction, don't believe everything you was a good book :)

starbender said...

I luv Barnes & Noble,
I can certainly kill
a few hours there!

Mimi said...

The daily motivations are pure effing genius!

phred said...

I see nothing wrong in reading for '' enjoyment ''.
I cut my teeth on Edgar Rice Burroughs. ( Many years ago).
I venture to guess..alot of young people don`t even know who he was or what he wrote.

Big D said...

Fuzz: Yeah.

CD: I know.

Breezy: I'm about half way thru. I agree don't believe in everything your read and that goes for things read to you from a pulpit.

Starbender: It easy isn't it.

Mimi: Thank you.

Phred: I've read several from him.

Anelize said...

George R. R. Martin's series is, hands down, my favorite bunch of fantasy books evah. I just wish he'd write them faster. I finished A Feast for Crows in under two hours, and now I'm stuck waiting god knows how long for the next book (after waiting for what, 2 years, for that one?)

Guy Gavriel Kay also keeps me reading his stuff over and over. To me, that's the hallmark of a great book.

Big D said...

I just finished them myself. I heard the next one, Dragon Dnace, is scheduled for fall, because Feast for Crows had to be split. Also he increased from 7 to 8 in the series.