Friday, May 19, 2006

Rock at Work

Lately I've been listening to a lot of Internet Radio. At work it has replaced my mp3's as the preferred method of tunes. I use Launchcast, no particular reason why I just found it convenient. At first I wasn't a big fan, but it allows you to rate music. The more you listen and rate the better it becomes. It molds to your tastes. So if you have really eclectic tastes you get to hear a wide range of music.

Personally, I'm mainly rock. Whether it's alternative or heavy metal that's the usual genre for me. Sometimes I enjoy a little country and occasionally some Latin. There is something about Shakira I like. You know, besides the way she moves her hips and shakes her ass. I like her voice it's different. Even though the only Spanish I speak is on a menu, I like her songs that are sung in Spanish. I may not understand the words, but it seems like I could. She's definitely a guilty pleasure and I'm getting off the subject.

Using Launchcast I get to hear bands I would never have listened to otherwise. One band in particular right now that is kicking my ass, Thin Lizzy. I was never much into classic rock or as I like to call it rock before I was born. From my ratings they played them and immediately I knew this band rocked and rated it them the highest I could. Since then Launchcast has been playing songs by them often and I rate them high every time. I'm just sad it took this long to find them. It feels like a lot of rock out time was wasted.

Have a sweet Friday! Here is a link to a video of Thin Lizzy playing "Rocker".


Mimi said...

I will have to check that Launchcast out. I have a hard time finding a station that I like.It seems we have the same taste.

Have a sweet Friday too! How much trouble do you plan on getting into this weekend? ;)

Crazy Dan said...

look at you all branching out and shit.

Big D said...

Mimi: Yeah it takes awhile to really get your station configured. Just a little trouble. Have a good weekend.

Crazt Dan: Hells yeah

:P fuzzbox said...

Thin Lizzy rules. It is good to see you discovering shit before you were born.