Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sully Ambushed

I was getting some last minute information to do a review on Godsmack’s newest album IV. On their official home page under news I came to this link. It’s an interview for some small magazine, called Arthur Magazine. I guess it’s about music, I couldn’t really tell. Basically what happens is Sully, the lead singer, for Godsmack is ambushed into a political debate by some douche bag. Some of you whether you know it or not have listened to Godsmack. Their song “Awake” is on the recruitment commercials for the Navy. This fucker goes on about how Godsmack is wrong for letting the Navy use their song and they are basically killing kids, because they might not sign up if Godsmack’s song wasn’t played. The interviewer also implies how Godsmack sucks because they put on concerts for the military and visit the injured.

It was a great way for this piss ass little magazine with a circulation of 3000 to show their gratitude to Godsmack by ambushing them. Seriously, I don’t understand. This guy is lucky enough to speak with a band that’s album “IV” debut number one and instead of actually talking about their music he traps Sully into a politically debate. I don’t care if you disagree with our military or with our country, it’s your right. You can even be an extreme douche bag and not support our military. It makes you a total asshat and personally I’d like to beat the fuck out of you, but it’s your right. It’s even your right to ambush a band and make yourself look like a fucking idiot. All it does it shows your lack of respect for your country, it’s people, and yourself. Anyway fuck those motherfuckers. Here is a little snippet of the interview and I’ll post the album review later today.

JAY: What kind of people listen to your m

usic, do you think?

SULLY: Ummm… I’ve seen em range as young as 8 and as old as 68. [chuckles]

JAY: Yup.

SULLY: So it’s…

JAY: Well, you’ve seen a lot more of ‘em than I have, and I’m trying to get an idea of what it feels like when you’re out there—to you, on the stage. Do you think there’s a lot of teenagers in the audience? A lot of guys in their 20s? Chicks—

SULLY: Ah you know…

JAY: Is it a dude audience?

SULLY: I would say, if I had to guess what our age group is, it’s probably between …18 and 40.

JAY: Oh yeah?

SULLY: I would have to say that’s kind of where we’re at, maybe more, majority would be 18-30? But I, we definitely, we recruited a lot of new fans off of that acoustic record—

JAY: That did it, huh?

SULLY: —an older audience. And this record seems to be drawing in a different kind of audience as well, so. You know we’re just trying to continue to expand and not have a ceiling over our heads.

JAY: Right. You guys are still having a good time making music after all these years?

SULLY: Of course. We’re musicians, that’s what we do. It may not always be great music, but we love making it! [laughs]

JAY: Cuz music has a power…?

SULLY: Mmm hmm. It’s a universal language.

JAY: So what you say with it, and what you do with it, has an effect…?

SULLY: Of course.

JAY: Right?

SULLY: [emphatically] Of course.

JAY: So I notice you guys have been really involved with promoting the military. [1]

SULLY: Well, they actually came to us, believe it or not. Somebody in the Navy loves this band, because they used ‘Awake’ for three years and then they came to us and re-upped the contract for another three years for ‘Sick of Life.’ So, I don’t know. They just feel like that music, [laughs] someone in that place thinks that the music is very motivating for recruit commercials I guess. And hey, I’m an American boy so it’s not… I’m proud of it.

JAY: You’re proud of recruiting your fans into the military?


:P fuzzbox said...

I read that interview myself. I thought Sully did a good job defending himself. Godsmack should dedicate, 'Greed', to these douchebags. I doubt they will get to many stars to go through their liberal grindmill in the future.

Metal Mark said...

I agree that this was a lame thing to do. Go debate with someone who wants to debate about it. Don't use an interview just to push some agenda item that you have onto someone else who came there to talk about music.