Thursday, May 04, 2006

Worlds Greatest Combo

Finding the perfect combination for your beer is not just luck it takes time sometimes even years. Great food combinations relies on the concept that foods working together as a team can come up with a greater taste and enjoyment then they can working alone. I was lucky to have found the perfect combination early in life and I remember it like it was yesterday.

<---- Amarillo, Tx (No, Shit)

It was decided that since I had never been to Hooters we should go their, and to celebrate bursting my cherry we hot boxed the car on the way there. Upon arrival I was thirsty, but once I walked in that door I only had one thing on my mind big and bubbly Hooters Shiner Boch. I was amazed at all the things this family restaurant had to offer, I just could not take my eyes off all of the Hooters televisions, every screen was some kind of sport being played it was amazing. After several pictures of beer these tiny tinder chicken pieces arrived, I told our waitress that I was a big man and could eat grown-up pieces of chicken. She just laughed and bent over to place the tray in front of me exclaiming that these were the famous Hooters buffalo wings and I should give them a squeeze, blushing she said I mean try. After trying those juicy firm glistening Hooters wings I knew that my beer had finally found its best friend.

Some may proclaim that peanuts (fags) are the best with beer while other argue that pretzels (penis envy) are best with beer. All these insane people are wrong my reasons for saying this is that beer was meant to be with something tender, sometimes sweet, but always hot and ready for action.


Big D said...

I love the way Hooters buffalo wings taste.

Phats said...

You've never been to a hooters until now? geesh

Johnny Wadd said...

Hooters gives you a nice view but what is with the policy of serving no hard liqour?? That is bullshit.

Crazy Dan said...

Big D - Did it remind you of waynes world?

Phats - No, this was a couple of years ago I just thouhgt it was a good thing to tlak about.

Johnny - Good call family resturants should have vodka in them.

Mimi said...

I can not believe you had never been to a Hooters! I love their wings and shrimp. Once when there I saw a little girl about about 8 having a bday party. She was unwrapping her presents and the waitresess sang to her. I thought that was a bit odd. But otherwise I love the place, for the food. The scenery doesn't do much for me.