Tuesday, May 30, 2006

X-Men: Last Stand.

Most likely it’s going to be comic book motivation for the rest of the week. Today’s is one with the X-Men to celebrate the beginning of the summer movies. Personally, I thought X-Men: Last Stand was going to suck. Well not just suck it was going to really fucking blow. How wrong I was X-Men Last Stand turned out to be the best one. With only one major fuck up, the Beast. That character looked stupid and the part was total shit. I could have done without the danger room scene that accompanied the first 10 minutes too. If you’re an X-Men fan or a comic nerd you’re going to love this movie. Stay past the credits.

The movie also had a preview for Ghost Rider and I’m stoked about this movie. The CG looks amazing and with Nick Cage you know it’s going to be true to the source material.

One of the best things about the influx of comic book movies is that the box office is now being ruled by nerds. So when the kids that actually get dates in high school are going to a movie and telling their girlfriends about the cartoon version on Saturday morning nerds everywhere are getting revenge. The “new” nerds are now impressing those hot girlfriends with there innate comic book knowledge, which is now popular. The hot girlfriend is then so impressed by the nerd’s knowledge she proceeds to give him a blow job in the theatre. It’s a great time to be a nerd. So shove that up your ass cool kids.


rockyjay said...

*bleeping* nerds stealing all my hot extramartial cheerleader/stripper girlfriends -- with a help of their comic book knowledge!

What has this world gotten into?

Mimi said...

I can't wait to see X3!!!

Did you know they are remaking Revenge of the Nerds?! I think it is a sin! There are some things they just shouldn't mess with!!!

Metal Mark said...

I have heard generally good things about X3. I am surprised because very few movie franchises seem to be that good once they get to the third segment.

Jaime said...

you liked X3?


it sucked. not only did turn Jean Grey into a goon instead of the interstellar threat that she should have been . . . but the writing was ass, and that movie didn't even have the balls to stand by what they crapped up. Magneto still moves metal and Xavier is still alive.

what a shit-stain of a movie.

Big D said...

Do I need to give you a comic lesson on Professor X and the Phoenix?

Jaime said...

Do i need to give you a comic lesson in what the Phoenix Force did upon first manifesting itself in Jean Grey?

Jaime said...

or remind you of the promise that X-Men 2 made by showing the figure of a giant phoenix-shaped bird just about to crest the waters of Alkali Lake that never made it's way into X-Men 3 . . . because they decided to make Jean Grey a brooding cardboard cutout for most of the movie that barely lifted a finger during the big finale?

Big D said...

Ohh they totally crapped on the source I didn't expect them to bring in the Shi'AR. I thought the phoenix looked totally badass though and they were true how it ends up wolverine always killing her. Well at least in one of her 3 rebirths he had to kell her. That was a more recent one though.