Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Today has been claimed METAL DAY all over the radio and Internet stations! To celebrate the day many internet stations such as yahoo’s launchcast, and MTV’s urge have play lists set up for the day’s festivities. Jamming out to metal and hard rock shouldn’t need a holiday. For me it’s an everyday occurrence, for you nocives here are ten must listened to songs for tonight.

  1. Iron Maiden – “The Number of the Beast”
  2. Motley Crue – “Shout at the Devil”
  3. Black Sabbath – “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath”
  4. Iron Maiden – “Hallowed be Thy Name”
  5. Diamond Head – “Am I Evil”
  6. Pantera – Cowboys from Hell
  7. Slayer – Raining Blood
  8. Marylyn Manson – “Sweet Dreams”
  9. AC/DC – “Highway to Hell”
  10. Motorhead – Ace of Spades

Those are my ten songs to listen to today in no particular order. What are yours. Here is creepy a wallpaper for you.


Phats said...

UGH where the hell is the advil!

phred said...

Sorry, but I am not much of a metal fan.
Although, I did see Black Sabbath once, years ago. They opened for Grand Funk Railroad
Like I said..years ago.

:P fuzzbox said...

If one must hear a womans voice amongst all of these one could always slip in Pat Benatars, Hell is for children.

Crazy Dan said...

You have to throw in

Riding with the devil - Van Halen
Devil went to Geaorge - Charlie Daniels
Long Hard road out of hell - M. Manson
Down With the sickness - disturbed
New Faith - Soil
Finally nothing says end of the world quite like my good buddies Slipknot

rockyjay said...

Angels beat Devils (L.A. vs Tampa) yesterday. It's all over now.

Mimi said...

Great songs! And love todays motivation!

Metal Mark said...

Here are six albums I would pick.

Iron Maiden-The number of the beast
Black Sabbath- Volume 4
King Diamond- Abigail
Electric Wizard- Come my fanatics
Slayer- South of heaven
Celtic Frost- To Mega Therion

Big D said...

Phats: lol. If it’s too loud you’re old.

Phred: That was awhile back. Cool though.

Fuzz: Never was a Benatar fan.

CD: How could I have left of Riding with the Devil? Yeah I couldn’t pick just one Slipknot song and that’s a good MM song too.

Rockyjay: No, it’s just begun.

Mimi: Thanks

Metal Mark: I knew you’d have some good ones and I should have done 6 instead of ten good call.

Catch said...

I didnt listen to music yesterday...but if I had.......it would have been the oldies.....for a golden moldy oldy like me...lol

michaelm said...

"The Downward Spiral" or "Pretty Hate Machine" usually does the trick.
I gotta be pretty pissed off to listen though. Not my usual stuff.


Anonymous said...

Hey Big D long time listener first time caller. This is Dastardley Dave, I heard your momma is so fat she was wearing a yellow dress and schoolkids were trying to board her.

Anonymous said...

Big D I heard your momma is so fat she has to play hide and seek using the whole state of Texas.