Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Disease

The disease Crazy Dan and I have named bluggin' appears to be a nation wide epidemic. With many surfers unaware of what's happening and others not knowing what to do when they realize something is wrong. It's true the information out there is appalling. Just where are suffers supposed to turn to in time of need? Just how do you determine if you are infected? Hopefully we can understand this disease better thru cooperation and undestanding.


Dependence: This means that blogging is central to your life. It is very difficult to cut down and leads to opening up several other blogs to fuel your desire.

Frequently this leads to isolation from family and community activities. Life begins to revolve around your blogging activities. There may lead to an increase in bills, relating to Internet usage, and computer components sometimes causing financial problems. The consequence of dependence may include frequent absence from work or school, poor job performance, loss of friends, withdrawal from normal activities and even loss of jobs.

Typically, a person with an alcohol or drug problem denies their dependency and can be quite defensive about their alcohol or drug use the same applies to blogging. Like alcohol and drug abuse this manifests from a mental issue into a physical problem. Behavior may become predictable and planned, and forwarding of cute e-mail to everyone around them may occur in severe cases.

Family and friends may be affected. A partner may try to hide the problem or even ignore it. They may find themselves taking on extra responsibilities, but be resentful and angry later posting about how there significant other is angry and how these responsibilities or bothersome and boring. They may withdraw socially and may themselves become depressed and posting about this depression. Possible even joining online cults, like Scientology.

Research by the National Blog Strategy shows that there is increasing acknowledgment that many people with blogging problems are also experiencing various other psychiatric and psychological problems. These are usually detected by sobriety, and can impact on the success of treatment services.


Fuzz partying it up!
Note the coolness and smothness of the Fuzz as he attacks his prey.

Fuzz today, notice the paling of the skin and affinity for Hawaiian shirts.

Artist rendering of Fuzz in Ten Years

Not pretty is it.

Treatment Options:

If you know someone with this serious affliction. Be calm and explain to them what's happening. In many cases the victim has no idea they are infected. Take them out and treat your friend to alcoholic beverages of their choice. If the case is severe enough for male bloggers certain clubs may need to be called upon. For women scientific studies have found only a hot lesbian encounter works. It also dramatically increases chances of recovery if the encounter is video taped and then posted on the Internet.

This has been a public service announcement brought to you by West Texas Rocks.


Mimi said...

Ah come on guys, leave Fuzz alone!

Love the photo shop work though!LMAO!

Crazy Dan said...

but MIMI this is a dire case we must help Fuzz. I know that you are think its a gag but as you can see imperical evidence shows that our dear friend Fuzz is in need of a wake up call.

Big D said...

Mimi: I'm sorry do to this topic serious nature more then one post was required. I thought pictures were the only way to make people understand the implications of this disease.

guerrilla blogger said...

best PSA i've seen....ever....

rockyjay said...


I can totally control my blogging. I can blog only once -- if I wanted.

... and that extra weight I've been putting on; it's just water weight; nothing to do with bloggin.


Ann Alsex said...

Don't worry guys. I won't let that happen to my Fuxxy!;)

dragonflyfilly said...

you're so funny crazy Dan,...but i like Fuzzy's shirt...

how much did you have to pay that artist anyway, i don't think you got your money's worth!!

anyway, Fuzz might meet some fabulous people who will WHIP him into shape (so to speak)...who knows...i'm wondering if this is not a bad case of "projection", eh?

well, "come up and see me sometime" Crazy Dan, and don't worry so much about Fuzzy, i think he can take care of himself.


Pixie said...

You Guys are soooooo mean..... funny but mean.
That second pic reminds me of Boyd Coddington (?) of American Hot Rods. I think its the shirt ;)

michaelm said...

Blogging large and naked is the 13th step, isn't it? Ouch.
I told Fuzz to read my "BCD" post concerning his problem. Don't know if he has yet. . .