Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Respect The Momma!!

Don't forget that the Momma insult contest is still going on and the most original and best put down wins. Its Wednesday so the compition is coming to a close so lets get dirty people.


Crazy Dan said...

Big D awesome motivation today. Cool graphic and deep thinking qoute, very well done!!

Lori said...

Nice to meet you Crazy Dan. ;)

Mimi said...

I didn't remember Mr T being so damn cheesey!

Phats said...

HAHA that video is awesome!!

Is there a cash prize for the winner of the momma contest??

You a big brother fan dan? I am addicted of course i'll write about it

Big D said...

Mr. T is a pioneer of rap!

phred said...

Yo Mamma is so ugly, it looks like she been bobbin for french fries.

michaelm said...

i didn't know that Mr.T was a white man trapped inside a black body...
Wow. He really sucks.

"Yo momma's so damn fat, she got more chins than a chinese phone book."

"Yo momma's so ugly, if you look up ugly in the dictionary, you'll see her picture."

"Yo momma's so ugly, they had to tie a bone around her neck so the dog would play with her."

"Yo momma's so fat, you gotta grease her hips with vaseline and hold a twinkie in front of her face just to get her through the doorway."

and finally...

"Yo momma's so fat, duh damn fast food be scared silly."

michaelm said...

"Yo momma's so fat,
when she runs she makes the CD player skip... at the radio station."

"Yo momma's so fat,
she makes Free Willy look like a tic tac"


Phats said...

I think someone is going for the yo momma win

:P fuzzbox said...

Mr. T rocks like a mother fucker. He needs to do a duet with the Hoff. That would kick some major league ass!!!

michaelm said...

One last one from my daughter:

"Yo momma's so fat, when she jumped in the ocean, all the whales began singing, "We are Family"...

Curare_Z said...

I pity the fool that thought that performance was good.

As for Yo Momma...I thought of some more...can't let michaelm run away with the title:

"Yo momma so stupid, she sold her car for gas money."

"Yo momma so stupid she went to drug rehab because she was hooked on phonics."

"Yo momma so short she has to reach up to tie her shoe."

"Yo momma so dirty, she made Right Guard turn left."

michaelm said...

"Yo momma's so big, she's the same height laying down as she is standing up."


Big D said...

Crazy Dan: Thanks, but yo mamma's house is so dirty I have to whipe my feet before going outside.

Lori:No its not and yo mamma so dirty Iran is trying to import her bath water for chemical weapons.

Mimi: Mr T is the shit and yo mamma so oily she brought Enron back in the red.

Phats: Big brother is the shit like yo mamma.

Phred: You mammas so stupid she got fired from a blow-Job.

MichaelM: Yo mamma's so fat she he masturbates when reading cookbooks.

Fuzz: Yo Mamma's back so Hairy she makes Chewbacca look like Mr. Clean.

Curare Z: Yo mama's like highspeed internet. Fast, fun, unlimited access.

MichaelM Again: Yo M....ah, screw it...I actually love yo Mamma...she reminds me of a blowup doll, dirty and you can play with her for hours.........

kristi said...

Crazy Dan...thanks for stoppin by my page. These Yo Mommas are hilarious.

Yo Momma is so stupid you told her to make up her mind so she put lipstick on her forhead.

Yo Momma so stupid, you told her it was chilly out and she ran to get a bowl and a spoon

Catch said...

yo Mommas so ugly she has to sneak up on the glass to get a drink of water.

michaelm said...

"Yo momma's so big, when it was raining hard she put on a yellow slicker and people started yelling,
"Taxi! Taxi!"....


michaelm said...

"Yo momma's so fat she eats 'Wheat Thicks'."

"Yo momma's so fat when she tripped on 4th Ave, she landed on 12th."

"Yo momma's so fat, she walked in front of the TV and I missed the entire season finale of 24..."

"Yo momma's so fat she broke her leg, and gravy poured out!"


michaelm said...

Big D-

Don't those blow-up dolls look like they ate a whole box full of saltines????
A constant state of ecstasy, by God....


PhatBoi said...

i got s'more for you guys.

Yo Mama's So Fat....when she dances she makes the band skip.

Yo Mama's So Fat....she puts mayonnaise on aspirin.

Yo Mama's So Fat....when she goes to the zoo the elephants throw her

Yo Mama's So Fat....her driver's license says "Picture continued on

Yo Mama's So Fat....the back of her neck looks like a pack of hot dogs.

Yo Mama's So Fat....when she gets in an elevator, it HAS to go down.

Dsaayom! this competition is getting real ugly...just like yo momma