Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Futbol rocks!

That’s right Football, Futbol, Soccer whatever you want to call it, fucking rocks. I’ve never watched this sport before it’s just not big in the West Texas area. Growing up there was baseball, basketball, and American Football. It seems soccer has a bad rap not only here, but in the states. Some say it’s boring because no one scores. I say fuck that. How many real scores are in football? We just count them as 6, because American math has to be different then everyone else’s.

A few weeks ago I was just flipping thru the stations and caught a game of the world cup, USA vs. Italy, two hours later I was ready for the next match. Sure the USA team blew, but I still enjoyed it. I don’t know all the rules, hell I don’t know any of them, but I do know athleticism and soccer is full of athletes. It’s not just running back and forth there seems to a lot of strategery in soccer. It also has less breaks and stoppage of play then NBA or NFL, which sometimes can be a pain in the ass with 500 commercials in the last 2 minutes of play. Like every sport there are some pussies that take dives, or fake injuries, but there are also those with guts that do whatever needs to be done to play.

Who would have thought that I would ever root for France on anything? Not me. I always thought they were a bunch of crybaby pussies, but one player on their team was badass, maybe it was because he is really Algerian. I don’t know, all I know is because of this guy I was cheering for them to win the cup. The only person I can compare him to would be like Michael Jordan in his glory. I always thought Jordan was mainly hype though and what I saw of Zidane there was no hype at 34 or 36 this guy was still offering schooling to his peers, while MJ at this time was either batting in the minor league or being a publicity stunt for the hapless Washington Wizards. Instead of being a pussy and diving when ever he got the chance, or in MJ case sticking his tongue out and crying foul, he gave up the ball making big assists. By controlling the ball and the tempo of the game Zidane virtually carried the French team on his back making big shoots when needed Zidane was always there and on target. Even an uninformed novice like myself could tell his talent and skill far surpassed anyone on the field. The Frenchman’s icy stare and concentration won my respect and possible a love of a new sport.

Unlike a lot of people bitching about that last head butt, I applaud it. It shows competitiveness that is lacking in a most of these high priced candy assed athletes that are only out there for media coverage and endorsement deals. Here was a guy that took his sport seriously and was truly the best at it.

Now the World Cup is over, where do I go to catch more of this sport? Is the MLS just a bunch of pussies compared to other leagues and how do you catch games from these other leagues?


Mimi said...

I am not big on sports but I think soccer is a better sport than football. The way football is played makes no sense to me.

Crazy Dan said...

Your a homo.

:P fuzzbox said...

I agree with cd.

Crazy Dan said...

you have sex with caged animals in hopes of mutating into one of the X-Men.

Big D said...

How would having sex with caged animals mutate me into an X-man?

:P fuzzbox said...

Is that all it takes. Cool.