Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Moving On

Nick may be a boy band singing pre-teen girls wet dream but after torturously watching a few episodes of newlyweds I came to respect him as a man. I would welcome a beer with him any time, yes I might even allow him to cry on my shoulder if enough supermodels were around. Jessica did him wrong but she is also one of the most annoying bitches on the planet. So my advice to Nick is to look for something younger with bigger tits... I hear Lindsey Lohan is available.

Prevent (or Cause) Nick Lachey's Suicide at LiquidGeneration!


Big D said...

Did marriage bring on latent gay tendencies?

:P fuzzbox said...

I took the quiz and saved his dumbass too. One piece of advice that I would give him is their are plenty of fish in the sea and if you can't catch one then grab a fucking sheep.