Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Shat Contest

So Fuzz over at Blugstuff came over the other day and gave me a Shatman statue. Apparently he got some request to review a game site were all the characters were shit. Seriously they are turds. This would disgust most people, but the guy must have got lucky and picked the right man as Fuzz loves fart humor in every conceivable way. It’s like he's still four. If you ever decide to ride with Fuzz in a car you might as well roll down the windows because he is going to let a few lose. I once made the mistake of grabbing some fast food at Wienerschnitzel, a fast food chilidog place, with Fuzz. When we made the hour an half ride home after a number 5 which is a chili cheese burger, chili cheese fries, and a chili cheese dog I think Fuzz created his own turd action figures in his pants. It certainly smelled that way and never and I mean NEVER let him eat liver and onions if he is riding with you. That’s the smell and possibly the skid of death right there. Anyway he said he had gotten three of these statues and was going to have a contest and give one away to the best “Shat Talker” and wanted me to help judge. His initial topics were like your job and boss, but after some discussion we decided that it should be made difficult to truly bring out the best. So the topics are:

1. Ice Cream
2. Baby Kitties (my idea)
3. Masturbation

I love the “Baby Kitties” topic I mean come on its baby kitties. It was going to be puppies, but to me baby kitties sound better. I’m really looking forward to hearing some shit talk about Baby Kitties. There are going to be three judges each with different mind sets. I can tell you what I’m looking for, but the other judges may be different.

Creativity – The topics almost guarantee this but be original and make sure you read the comments ahead of you. If it sounds like someone before you already used this idea don’t use it. I will deduct points.
In Your Face – It needs to scream FUCK BABY KITTIES!
Quality – There are three topics. If you kick ass on one topic but blow the others. You can’t be named the best. You don’t have to have the longest post just get you point across.

Good Luck the winner gets this:

1 comment:

:P fuzzbox said...

There have been some killer entries already but I look forward to hearing a lot more shit.

Thanks for helping get the word out and agreeing to be a judge. But just for the record my farts are like sunshine on roses.