Thursday, July 27, 2006

Walk to Work

Yes, I walk to work, which apparently makes me insane in rural Texas. Every time I go on vacation to large cities I see hundreds of people walking, and I usually do when I’m there. It’s cheaper then a taxi and I like to explore. I found that walking is actually enjoyable. Granted I’m not walking 5 miles, but I don’t really see any need to fire up the Dodge Magnum for a 5 or 6 block road test. So I started walking about 6 months ago. Not being a morning person this allows me to wake up before I’m actually at the office and the walk home gives me a little time to wind down and reflect on the day. Since I started walking I feel calmer and more at ease with not only myself, but those around me. This morning when I was walking to work I saw an old lady walking in the alley picking up old aluminum cans.* I see this old lady found a can in a yard so she went to get it. Well this little puppy dog came up like it wanted to be petted and she slapped at it. Well the little turd hound jumped back to avoid the slap, but I guess he thought the old lady was playing with him so he came again to be petted. Well by this time she had picked up the can and crushed it. She then proceeded to knock the shit out of the puppy with the half full grocery sack of crushed aluminum cans. As you can imagine the dog let out a loud whine and ran further back in the lawn. The old lady came into this happy puppy’s yard and knocked the shit out of him, that’s just not right. It got me thinking maybe I should go into her yard steal her garden gnome and knock the shit out of this crotchety old bitch with a sack full of other lawn gnomes I stole. Here is hoping the puppy grows into a big dog bites your ass causing you to fall down and break a hip, only lassie is not going to be there to save you it’s going to be a rabid ole yellower. How sweet is that? It makes me smile. :)

Thoughts I had while writing this post.

* That sounds like a good project for the elderly, picking up trash. They can use there scooters to drive around picking up roadside trash. It will make them feel like useful member of society. If there taking money from my paycheck this least they can do is make the streets look clean.


Pixie said...

What a bitch!
I hope she cuts her finger off on sharp can edge!

pure evyl said...

What an old cooze! Aluminum can snatching bitch will step into the wrong yard one day and the world will be minus one old douchebag.

phred said...

Can you say .. '' Rottwieler '' ??
I knew you could.
The problem with old people in motorized wheelchairs and that they always get in the middle of the isle and stop and look around like they are lost... ( maybe they are ).

What is a 85 year old fart wearing a nasal cannula doing riding a electric wheelchair down the middle of a casino in Las Vegas ??
(I hope he don`t run out of O`s before he gets to the other end ).

Laurie said...

Yeah, I hope that dawg grows up and takes a chunk outta her ass.. LOL

Walking to work is good for you.. and good for the planet :-)

Mimi said...

I would not have been able to keep my mouth shut on that one. I hop ethat old hag falls and can't get up and doesn't have one of those buttons. Then maybe her cat will eat her.

Metal Mark said...

Not all dogs are going to come at her nicely so here's hoping she get's bit on the ass some time soon.

Big D said...

Pixie: Paper cuts sucks.

Pure Evyl: Old lady snatch is nasty!

Phred: They should get a miniature Doberman, it's just as ferocious but eats less.

Laure: It's much better for my fat ass, though.

Mimi: Anger leads to hate, and hate leads to the dark side.

dragonflyfilly said...

walking is good, you will probably live longer, well, unless of course you get hit by a stupid car!!!! ...but let's hope that does not happen, eh?

cheers for now,

a feminist said...

Like mimi, I would not have been able to stop myself halting the dog attack. Fair enough not liking dogs, so shooing them away - but full out beating of an animal should not be tolerated under any circumstances. I would have asked her to stop immediately and (regardless of her action) telephoned local animal welfare officers ASAP. I don't even like dogs myself but seeming unprovoked abuse should be nipped in the bud, IMHO.

On a happier note, kudos to you for walking to work! I was supposed to be heading to the gym today, and the irony of popping to the local shops in a vehicle along a perfectly safe and walkable route - and then paying to use fitness facilities - well, it's not lost on me. Sigh.

Big D said...

Fem: I was in shock to see this old lady do that, but I should have called her something.

a feminist said...

Yeah, maybe given her a bash or two with the bag of cans ;) You'll be prepared for next time though... [insert evil grin here]

(But, seriously, I wouldn't touch her with a barge pole though, because YOU'd end up in the jail cell for common assault whilst she got a verbal ticking off for deliberately harming an animal. Such is the way of the world.)

michaelm said...

It would have been wonderful if the dog could have unhinged his jaw and swallowed the old bag's head.
Anyone that abuses an animal should be drawn and quartered. Period.
Great rant, dude.