Thursday, August 03, 2006

Just a quick update.

Thought I'd give you just a quick update on my plans for the daily motivation, since it's my fovorite part of this site. Today is the last GI-Joe motivation. Tommarrow will be Voltron and next week I'll start in on Thundercats, then Tansformers, and He-Man. Added to the list are Smurfs, Snorkels, Dungeon and Dragons, and Land of the Lost. If you would like to vote for a saturday morning toon that predates the 80s or one I might have missed. Then let your voice be heard.


Curare_Z said...

Gem and the Holograms: It's truly outrageous.


Crazy Dan said...

I believe that the little girls wallpapers are under represented I see noe She-Ra, Carebears, My Little Pony, Rainbow Bright, or any other tune mainly watch be girls.

Big D said...

That's three seperate people requesting "cootie" toons. So added to the list are:

My Little Pony

Mimi said...

I don't recall Voltron but I am luvin the rest of the list. May I suggest Pee Wee Herman as well.

Crazy Dan said...

Breezy and I thought of some more

Snagglerock - (remember that one we used to watch it at grandmas in levelland)

Snorks or Snorkels - Those crazy underwater smurfs with the snorckle on their heads

Mighty Mouse - how could we forget mighty mouse man.

Lets me know when your interested in doing the 90's Breezy is a treasure trove of information on what she didnt get to watch.

Breezy said...

Thought of one more-

Popples-you know, the cute little animals that would roll up into the pouches on their backs.