Friday, August 18, 2006

Morning Incoherencies

First off I can’t believe “incoherencies” is a word. I thought I made that up, but it’s in spell checker. As you guessed I’m extremely incoherent this morning, more so then usual. Which is pretty bad. I’ve been up 2 ½ hours and still have no idea, what I’m doing out of bed. I’ve washed my face like ten times and yet my eyes still have that crusty sleep stuff forming in the corners. I know I had to have walked to work this morning, yet I don’t remember doing so. However, I do appear to have on all my clothes on and they are not inside out or backwards and my shoes are tied. Maybe I need to be incoherent more often. One other thing I don’t seem to be able to speak this morning. My voice sounds more like a mumble. Kinda like that dude on Fat Albert.

The multitudes are pouring into my office this morning for some reason. The worse part they keep coming back. So I’m curious if my red glazed eyes say “Hey, I’m dying to help you!” or perhaps they say “Yes, come in and tell me your life story.” Because it seems like everyone wants something this morning. Usually when I’m awake no one talks to me until after 10, yet when I can barely decypher what the hell these people are talking about I get assaulted the moment I step into my office. It doesn’t upset me, I’m pretty much indifferent to the world right now. Hell, I’m usually indifferent most of the time. Also, it’s not like my job is that difficult either I can pretty much nod and answer any of their questions on auto pilot. It might help they ask the same questions every few weeks.

Take this mornings round of questions. Someone “accidentally” yanked their keyboard cable out. I stopped asking how the hell you can “accidentally” do this kind of stupid shit several years ago. Forget the fact that most of these people have been working with computers at least ten years. I just politely told them where to stick it. Although, one question was much more difficult “The toner is out on the copier how do I replace it?” I mean I almost had to think on that one. The answer is: follow the instructions on the side of the toner. Ohhh, pretty pictures! Now that I think about it, they might have been trying to get me to do it. Oh well, I can’t read minds. It also seems I’m much more honest in this state, which is strange. I really should not have answered “You annoy me and I am an asshole.” when someone asked why I had taken their e-mail address out of the spam filter. Live and learn right?

This was actually written on Wednesday, I'm just now getting around to post it.


TTQ said...

Hell if you just get annoyed by coworkers , you are doing pretty good. On a bad day I annoy myself and others, but they can go skipping away from me all tr-la-la-la and crap. And I'm stuck with me. and me, and oh yeah, the other me.

Big D said...

Co-Workers don't really annoy me. They can be fun!

Pixie said...

Yes they can be fun but they can also be a pain in the arse too!

I love your homer pics to match your post.

Catch said...

I am not fit to talk to at least until 11 am.

Mimi said...

Definatley a morning you should have stayed in bed!

:P fuzzbox said...

So you wrote it on Wednesday but posted it on Friday. Does this mean that you were incoherent for three days?