Friday, August 04, 2006

Special Guest Post: Defending Freedom

I was unable to find the church last night, but held my flag at the second location. A guy I work with I'll call him BH that lives in Lubbock was able to drive by and has graciously accepted my pleas for a report. Thanks BH for writing this up for me it is appreciated.


This is an eyewitness report at the demonstration of the Westboro Baptist Church at the funeral services of Army specialist Andrew Velez at First Church of the Nazarene in Southwest Lubbock.

I drove by the Church at about 6:15 and there were hundreds of people in support of the Velez family in front of the Church. There was a large group of people holding American flags and they formed two lines along the street where the Velez family drove up to the church. There was no way the family would have to see the protestors. I drove by all the people supporting the family and then across Chicago Avenue, the street across from the Church the protestors were standing. I was really surprised that there were not more of them. There were a couple of adults and then mainly children around Jr. High/High School age. They were holding signs and yelling. Cars were driving by honking and yelling at the protestors and showing their displeasure by telling them that “They were number 1”. There were LPD officers all over the place to keep the peace. It was a pretty crazy site to see in person. It is a shame that there are people in this world that would like to make someone’s funeral miserable for their grieving family much less the celebration of the life of a U.S. soldier.


Story and video from the Local News.

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