Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Take a Stand

I think it is about time tobacco companies and smokers started fighting back. I am tired of towns and even countries (Canada, Ireland) trying to ban smoking. This is not the first time governments have tried to regulate the citizens behavior and each time a government tries it almost always fails. The people eventually rise up and overthrow the fascist norms and I believe this is the time to do so. With everyone’s help we can bring about a change, join me and stop local municipalities from banning smoking and stop government from raising taxes on tobacco. I am tired of government and people making a quick buck by suing tobacco companies. These people are enjoying tobacco for free! I say it's about time they pay for it. Hear is what people have to say about getting to enjoy tobacco for free. Tim enjoys his hacking cough and reduced lung function. "It makes me seem cool," he bragged. "As for all the phlegm, I can out spit any punk in the bar." He should not be so damn cool for free! Lorraine Wilson, 49, sucks in as much passive smoke as she can. "I enjoy the mainstream variety, which is exhaled by smokers. But my husband, Tim "Iron Lung", prefers side stream smoke, which comes directly from lit cigarettes." Lets send these people and Washington a message. I am filing a class action suit in order to penalize millions of secondhand smokers and the government from enjoying my second smoke. I will be asking for 100 BILLION dollars, mandatory cigarette breaks for all employees, and free health care. If people are not going to buy cigarettes they should not be able to enjoy other people’s smoke! It is a known fact that secondhand smoke is the only answer to fixing the ozone layer and stopping the greenhouse effect. The smoke is responsible for creating a new under lining layer in the atmosphere that helps block out radiation and other harmful products brought on by the sun. That friends is an inconvenient truth. Together we can make a difference!


Big D said...

I read yesterday where the European Court ruled it will allow companies to fire smokers even if they only do it from home.


You rule!!!


Ellie said...

Okay...I posted about this awhile back.

I think that it is not that much to ask that a restaraunt that I go to, to eat, not be permeated with cigarette smoke. What may be good for you, may not be good for me and I don't say..Please..blow your smoke around my infant ...please.

I think that it is stupid to ban cigarettes in bars or clubs. If your going to drink and destroy your body with liquor & beer ..a little smoke ain't gonna make it worse.

If your outside smoking..I guess it is a free country and I have the ability to steer clear. However places that are prone to children, such as playgrounds and zoos...come on now, would you blow smoke in your kids face? I just ask the same courtesy.

increasing taxes on cigarettes is a stupid way to fight smoking..if a smoker is a smoker, they are gonna pay it no matter what. It falls in line with the Gas Tax debate.
Unfortunately for Tobacco Corporations they have had to increase the costs of cigarettes to cover law suit expences and govt. taxation. If you are a smoker and get cancer...oh well..your problem! I don't think you should be able to sue tobacco corps for that reason. It was common knowledge that ciggies cause low birth weights, emphasima(sp) and cancer. People can't deny that "oops I never knew"

SO I agree with part of your debate, just not the other part.

Crazy Dan said...

Big D - Thats just not right. Your boss should not have a say on what you do if your not doing it on his time. FIGHT THE POWER!

Material Boy - So thats how you spell it I was spelling it untie so I gave up and made a new header.

Ellie - If women can walk around with a kid sucking on there nipple in public or changing a diaper at a resturant for all to see I should be able to puff on my stogie all I want. If they don't like it leave its a free country and I am gogin to be using this powers our great soldiers are fighting for.

Ellie said...

I don't agree with whipping out my boob in public either..and the reason they have changing stations in the bathrooms, is so you don't see the dirty doo doo...but next time, how about I leave it under your table for you to smell it...

Come on now... I think you are just trying to rile me up.
I've heard about you Texans....But I do believe that a southern mama would beat a Texan bully up...especially if you blew smoke in my tater tots face. Wanna arm restle????


Mimi said...

I am all for the banning in reaturants and stuff. I hate smoking. But I think it is a bit much that some employers require no smoking on breaks and/or non smoking employess. They actually test them on a regular basis for nicotine! I think that is a bit much.

Dominique said...

I agree that banning smoking in bars and such is a bit much. But have you ever looked at it from the employers point of view? Employers have to provide a seperate break area for smokers, and smokers usually demand more breaks, which can cut down on productivity. Smokers also get sick more often, and use more health benenfits. They are also more likely to develop serious diseases like emphasema and heart disease due to their smoking. That means higher health care costs that get passed on to the rest of us in higher premiums. We're paying for the consequences of another's choice to smoke. Think about it.

Crazy Dan said...

Ellie - I do believe that I can run faster than a southern momma holding a baby.

Mimi - I think thats called harassment.

Dominique - I have to disagree with you on that. People level of productivity actually skyrockets after smoking a cigeratte and with out them they become lathergic and useless so breaks are a must. Second no one has scientificly proven what exactly cause cancer and these other diseases it is merely a ploy by the government to regulate mind control over the population.

Big D said...

CD: You're a crazy bastard.

phred said...

CD is right. It`s all a government conspiracy. A move towards mind control.
First smoking, then what you eat ( this has already been talked about ), then that obNOXIOUS purfume, then, what sex your children will be.
Muhhhhaaaa !!

Crazy Dan said...

Bid D - Thanks I guess

Phred - Stop talking about having sex with children it creeps me out you big ol' pedophile.

phred said...


Be AFRAID....Be Very AFRAID !!!!!