Friday, August 04, 2006

Taking a Stand

There is a quote by Edmund Burke “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” That is an interesting belief. When you are small parents tell you not to fight, yet stand up for yourself. While schools enforce a policy if you stand up for yourself you are punished with equal force as the person that caused you to fall. These contradictions have caused many to avoid any types of situational confrontations. Not out of fear or lack of conviction, but out of habit. Like all bad habits this must be broken, but it can only be broken thru force of will.

What outraged my sense of, lets call it "righteousness" for lack of a better term? That would be the Westboro Baptist Cult, it disgusts and angers me to know they hide behind a constitutional right of a country they detest and cheer for its demise. Free speech is a cornerstone of our democracy, but we also have the right NOT to listen. That is where the Patriot Guard Riders come in. These honorable men and women have refused to let the insanity of a few tarnish a respectful and sacred ceremony. Why do these men ride?

Why do we do this, you ask?
Why bother to stand out in wind and rain for someone unknown?
Why do we ride through torrents chilled to the bone?
The answer is simple: “Because, Never Again!”

Never again will they return home in shame,
Never again will wearing their uniform cause them pain.
Never again will we forget why they serve.
No, Never Again.

But still I hear you say “Why does it matter to you?”
“They aren’t your friends,
your brothers, your sisters,
your father, your mother.”
War is a sad time for many; it is sad but true.
So, why do you gather in the gap between their families and their foes?
The answer is simple: “Because, Never Again!”

Never again will grieving parents, families and friends alone bear mourning’s toil.
Never again will hard-won freedom of speech be used to debase and destroy.
Never again will their sacrifice be dishonored upon their home soil.
No, Never Again.

Why do we gather, why do we ride?
Why travel this country far and wide?
We remember our grandfathers, fathers, brothers and others yet to come.
We stand proud through tears reflecting their courage and pride.
Because, Never Again.

That’s why we ride.

Written in memory of:
Henry C. Barrows ~ Army, WWI (Great-Uncle)
Cecil A. Bray ~ Army paratrooper, WWII (Father)

In honor of:
Garrett C. Bray ~ Navy, Viet Nam (Brother)
Donald A. Dinsmore ~ Marines & Army (Husband)
All Patriot Guard Members

Laurel B. Dinsmore May 8, 2006

So I found myself in that spot yesterday. That spot when you know it’s time to stand up, yet still you hesitate. The spot were you doubt what you’re doing, when you KNOW your 1000% justified. The first thing I did when I found out about the UGs or Uninvited Guests as the Patriot Guard calls them was to spout off. “This is bullshit we should go up there. I’m going up there! Fuck those Douche bags!” After I said this, probably, when I said this I wasn’t going to do anything about it. I was just talking. However, for some stupid reason I kept telling people this, trying perhaps to get them to go. One time after another the people turned it down. You should go up there they would say. "I wish I could, but I have this thing I have to do. " and "Yeah, that’s awesome you should go up there." The more I talked the more I knew I was going to have to do it. Like in most situations the thought of having to actual converse with unknown people quickly turned my stomach. Then added in with anxiety of all social interaction was that possible fear of confrontation, the doubts were practically screaming. I knew at this point I would have to go even if it was alone, fortunately I did not have to do this. There was one person who would go with me and knowing that one person was behind me gave me enough courage to face that anxiety and fear.

So yesterday evening my brother and I went to lend aid to the Patriot Guard Riders and show our respects to the Valez family and their son. However, it was more then showing respect to a fallen soldier. It was showing that we cared for all our troops that had given that last good measure. It was showing respect to a country that I love and all the people that have made sacrifices big and small to it. It was showing compassion to another human being. It was saying, I’m sorry for your loss and I love you for it.

So as I stood holding the flag of the United States of America, I realized what it meant to be a good citizen, a decent human being, and compassionate man. I will forever be indebted to Army Spc. Andrew Velez for that.


:P fuzzbox said...

Big D, it was an honor to stand with you.

oldfartswife said...

I am glad that you went. I think things like this touch us, and we are never the same. Spoken straight from the heart.

r martini said...

Sweet Post Big D..Sweet Post!

Thanks to you and fuzzbox!

Check out my blog this weekend.

Mimi said...

I really like that poem! Thank you for standing for our fallen.

phred said...

You and Fuzz ROCK.

jane said...

Very cool that you did this. I cannot imagine how rewarding it must have been to know you were doing the RIGHT thing. EVERYBODY deserves a proper & respectful burial. Right on!

Aside from that, I heard you're the cutest of the brothers. Oh and that you're a kickass pimp!! heehee

Catch said...

As I told Fuzz, I am so greatful there are men like you two around and I thank you for defending the Valez family and the United States. We have so many douch bags here...its good to know there are men out there such as you and Fuzz. Thank You.

Jay said...

The nice thing about free speech is that it puts evil out into the open for all to see just how ugly it is. Phelps and his cult sickens me as well....but better to see this scum for who they are than to pretend that folks like that don't really exist; not just here in my home of Topeka, but in my old home in West Texas.

Crazy Dan said...

HEll fucking yeah way to go. The only kind of rally we have going on this way is a klan rally. No serious the KKK is coming to Amarillo this weekend and I am not going to that one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog Big D! I had to turn off comments for a while yesterday due to spam. UGH!

Thanks for your idea about running against the School Trustee from Hell...I just might do that!

Big D said...

Fuzz: Thanks.

Oldfartswife: I'm glad too.

r martini: I will.

Mimi: Not really, but thanks.

Jane: Lol, something like that.

Catch: I agree I'm glad there are people that inspire us.

Jay: Thats a good point and as long as there are good men and women who stand up to the crazies. Then we are in good shape as a nation.

Crazy Dan: no shit?

Dawn B: Go for it and good luck! Thanks for stopping bye.

jane said...

Hi Donald!! I'm surfing on B.E. and saw your blog still stuck in -1 mode. Totally sucks! Anyways, I wanted to see if you posted something new & I hope you leave this one up til after you FINALLY get out of this STUCK mode.
~ take it easy

Big D said...

jane: Thanks