Thursday, August 24, 2006

Transgender Inmate

What the fuck is going on these days? Seriously, what the fuck is going on? The ACLU have prisons running so damn scared of lawsuits that they actually allow transgender inmates to receive psychotherapy, hormone shots, and laser hair removal because they are “transgender”. Now get this it’s a possibility they will now get $20,000 sex-change operations paid by, you guessed it tax payers. Well, that is if a Federal Judge sides with Robert Kosilek a convicted murderer and prison lifer. I guess I should call him Michelle because he legally changed his name to it in 1993, but instead I’ll call him Inmate. I thought Inmate would be happy, he gets all the cock he could ever want; I guess he decided he needed another hole for it. Other special perks Inmate gets are lipstick and women’s panties. Hell the government is paying might as well splurge on Victoria Secret! The inmate’s quotes are priceless:

“The greatest loss is the dying I do inside a little bit every day.”
- I guess that’s worse then the actual dying of his wife Cheryl who he murdered in 1990.

"Just the hormones and the makeup do not get rid of my suffering.”
- Wonder how much your wife suffered when you killed her.

Inmate has tried committing suicide twice. Being the heartless conservative I am and seeing how this is Fuck Off and Die Thursday this murdering freak should Fuck off and Die already!


Catch said...

your are sooo right on this........I dont think these prisoners should get anything extra!!!! When they commited the crime they gave up their right to everything. Special menus.....bullshit. makeup...bullshit. The people that they killed are not getting special menus or wearing make up, are they? I wonder who in the hell decides that these guys have a right to ANYTHING. Good post!

:P fuzzbox said...

One would think that the pair of tits that his cellmate tattooed to his back would be enough.

Crazy Dan said...

Dude we do not tell me to fuck off and die we stare lovingly into their eyes and sing heartfelt melodies to ease their suffering.

yellowdog granny said...

oh man..that is just wrong...

phred said...

Whoa! It`s gonna take more than hormones and lipstick for that dude.
You`re right though, It pisses me off that taxpayers are footing the bill for this kind of crap. lost all your rights if you were a felon..wassup with this shit ??

Laurie said...

Even though I'm a card-carrying bleeding heart liberal... I am totally against this absolute nonsense.

I mean.. WTF???

And he - I mean, she - no, I mean, it - isn't even hot. That's one fugly chick!

I'd like to see these coddled American prisoners spend some time in a Mid East prison and see how long they'd last with their lipstick.. LOL