Thursday, September 14, 2006

Animated GIF Fun!

That's Jenna Bush on the beach changing. No panties for a few brief seconds and some pervert caught it on camera for every red blooded, blue stated American to stare at her nude bush. It’s sad, and reflects the state of our pathetic society. We should stop gawking at celebrities and their nipple slips and crotch shot paparazzi invasions. On a side note, I think it's hilarious. I’m sure it's just another attempt by Republicans to distract us from the real issues. Damn those wily Conservatives!

I have several other editions of this animated gif. As Always feel free to steal.

Demi... What?

Dirty Republican Tricks (Above)

Another GOP Majority?

Weapon of Mass Distraction

Neatly Trimmed Bush

More GOP Propaganda

If you have a better caption. Let's hear it.


The site that orginated these photos on the web has been taken down! In an effort for this not to happen to me and I'm a chicken, I've uploaded them to photobucket. Information is free even if it's perverse, spread the word my minions!

Update 2

Apperhently that's not Jenna Bush just someone that looks like her. That is, however, that no name persons bush and being the bastard I am, I still think my gifs are funny and I'm not taking them down. In other news that dudes site was taking down because he was a tool not because he posted nudie shots. He traded the military to take gruesome death shots over in Iraqi in exchange for free access to porn sites. Douchebag!


Mimi said...

Why the hell was she wearing undies under a bikini bottom? But I guess guys really do not care why.

Jaime said...

yeah, i was wondering why her snatch was black.

:P fuzzbox said...

Damn Republicans. ;)

Big D said...

Mimi: I just thought it was a woman thing.

Jamie: Well she's not a natural blond.

Fuzz: I know.

Dominique said...

Does this mean Hillary will be making a trip to the beach to help swing the vote?

Big D said...

Dominique: She already has a statue of her bust in the NY Museum of Sex. That's raises an interesting question what sways voters more? Boob Flashes or Crotch shots?

Johnny Wadd said...

Hey, we need that freeze framed!

Jaime said...

we have a little program for screenshots here at the office that freeze-framed the exact moment for me

i was not very impressed.