Thursday, September 14, 2006

Stream your music!

Check out this new software I found. It allows you to stream that home collection of MP3 and ripped CD on your home machine to any laptop or pc connected on the net! It’s easy as hell to setup and free! All you need is high speed and a public IP address.

First you download the Slim Server. You can download it here. Install this on your home machine. Takes 5 minutes! It automatically finds your music collection and sets up your machine as a server without any help. If you have a firewall make sure port 9000 and 3840 are open. Next find your IP Address. This is done in Windows XP, by clicking start, programs, accessories, and command prompt. In command prompt type IPCONFIG. Write down your IP Address. You will need it later.

On the computer you want to stream on, download SoftSqueeze. You can find it here install it, it’s easy! When you go to set it up you will need the IP Address of your computer. Type it in under SlimServer Hostname and it should connect. Now it shows you are playing nothing, that’s ok we have another step. You have to set up a play list. You can do it from SoftSqueeze or the SlimServer. In my experience it’s easier from the SlimServer. So open your browser, Internet Explorer or Firefox, and in the Address type in http://[your-IP-address]:9000/. Now you have the ability to build your play list. You can search by album name, artist, there are even radio stations. There are all kinds of other features like the ability to download your music instead of simply streaming it. I haven't played with all the features yet, but so far I love it. It's a thing of beautifully at work!

I'm checking out another internet service called I've seen it several blogs lately. I'll let you know if I find it worthy.

Till next time, ROCK OUT!!!


Phats said...

AWESOME! I am going to check this out thanks!

Pixie said...

Wow, why is music sharing so much easier now they are "cracking down" on piracy.

Off to check it out!