Friday, September 15, 2006

Survivor Cook Islands

Last night the greatest show ever produced started its 13th season, Survivor: Cook Islands. The Cook Islands are in the South Pacific Ocean, north-east of New Zealand, between French Polynesia and Fiji. There are fifteen major islands, spread over 2.2 million square kilometers of ocean Thought I’d throw in a little geography lesson there. This twist this year has been called controversial, I think its just genius. Not only is this year more diverse, but it’s exploring those diversities by separating all tribes into races. There are four tribes battling it out for that, oh so important immunity. These tribes include Asian, Black, Hispanic, and White.

Asian Tribe: Green Team,
Tribe Name: Puka Puka
Members: Yul, Cowboy, Becky, Brad, Jenney

The Asian Tribe is probably the most interesting tribe and you already have an outcast there. That outcast goes by the name of Cowboy and he is crazy mofo. Cowboy is a Vietnamese refuge and most of his other tribe members are second or third generation Americans. He has a cool laid back mentality and already he is getting on the nerves of his tribe by constantly telling Asian jokes. Cowboy performed possibly one of the most bad ass things ever seen on survivor. When Brad, a teammate, started feeling bad with a headache, Cowboy used some technique and got rid of the “wind” headache. Brad was just as astonished as us at home, but he did joke that his headache was gone and instead had a huge red dot in the middle of his forehead. Another teammate named Yul appears to be a strong survivor, but he might be more worried about stereotypes then winning the million dollars. If he can make peace with Cowboy this will be the strongest tribe as they proved this episode by easily beating the other survivors.

Black Tribe: Yellow Team
Tribe Name: Manihiki
Members: Sekou, Stephanie, Nathan, Rebecca, Sundra

What can I say about the Black team? They just can’t get together as a group. Anyone who steps up as a leader basically looks like the bad guy. As one contestant laughed and said about building a shelter, “Black people just don’t listen.” They all looked at him for a second and laughed. After coming in last on the immunity challege there was no laughing. The tribe sent Sekou paking. Sekou was one of those guys that claim to be able to do everything and in reality do nothing. He constantly took breaks and never backed his word. I agree with the vote. His strength might be missed, his work ethic will not. The strongest person on this team is a nursing student named Stephanie. She is not only the hardest worker on the team if she would step up as a leader this tribe could be tough, but if she rides the radar she will go further in the game. I think this team will fold first, but Stephanie will have the opportunity to be the biggest threat in the game.

Hispanic Tribe: Red Team
Tribe Name: Aitutakai, JP, Ozzy,
Members: Billy, Cecilia, Cristina,

When I see the term Hispanic, I think Mexican. I guess that’s because those are the only Hispanics I know. I don’t think this tribe has a single Mexican on it. They have a Puerto Rican a Columbian and someone from the Dominican Republic but no one from the largest group of legal or illegal immigrants in the US. Where are the Mexicans I ask you? It’s just not the same. This team appears tough and they made a strong case in immunity almost winning, but there is already descension in the ranks and the previews for next episode already has a few memeber wanting to throw an immunity to get rid of a big lazy guy. Unless they pull together this tribe is dead, tribes that throw immunties are always the first to go home.

White Tribe: Blue Team
Tribe Name: Rarotonga
Members: Adam, Candice, Jessica, Jonathon, Parvati

This tribe is the most team oriented tribe. No major squabbles in the first few days, but then again I haven’t seen them do shit either. They came in third place in the immunity because of stupid mistakes, yet still easily beating the last place team. I can’t seem to like this tribe. I want to be like go white people! However, I ended up hating them. Jonathon in my opinion is the biggest dick on the series this year. When Rupert stole supplies on the Pearl Islands it was endearing when this guy stole a chicken from the Asian Tribe he looked like a cunt. I mean the Asian who got the chicken had to dive overboard and climb back in to get it to his tribe. After all that work it was stolen, that’s just a bitch. What happens to the chickens after their stolen? Well the token tattooed “alternative” chick named Jessica accidental lets them go. Bringing us back to Jonathon when pressured if he stole the chicken responded with “Oh did I? It was chaotic I just saw it and grabbed it.” What a douche he bragged about it and the finale and possible most annoying event happened on this tribe. The white team did not build a shelter. They decided to huddle together for warmth, which isn’t a bad thing. However, when some ignorant little soriety hoe giggles “Cuddle Puddle!” It makes me want to punch the TV. I know white people are supposedly lame and shit, but cuddle puddle? You dumb bitch!

Conclusion: So far this year Survivor taught me to come to terms with a 26 year old secret. Thru this season I hope to learn more about my culture. Yes, it turns out… I’m Asian American! I know. I was stunned also. Still the fact remains I’m a 6’5, large, pale colored Asian. IT's going to be a fun season.


Mimi said...

I usually follow Survivor but I cxan not this season because of my kickboxing classes. I am not sure how I feel about the races being teamed up.

So are you serious about being asian? Not that it matters but with you guys I never know when you are joking! LMAO!

Big D said...

Too bad Survivor is going to be awesome this year. Am I ever serious?

Crazy Dan said...

Dude that would explain our effinity for Anime and all things orintal: Samerai and nija code of honor, prefering our tamales to be made of dog meat.

Big D said...

it really does explain alot doesn't it.

Phats said...

I thought it was good, not as good as some of them they got off easy with just being dumped out of the boat, unlike the one where they hiked.

I have JP in our school survivor pool haha :) go me!

It's good but not as good as idol!

Johnny Wadd said...

Aren't those colors mixed up? Shouldn't the asian team be the "yellow team"?

Anonymous said...

How the hell do you figure you`re Asian ??
None of you look Asian.
You scare me.

phred said...

That last comment was mine.Guess I didn`t ''sign in ''.

Pixie said...

The UK dropped survivor after just 2 seasons, seemed we prefered Big brother over there. I my self used to watch it. I don't follow anything on Tv nowadays because I always forget to watch it.But I did catch a highlights show the other night I think from last season ?

Anonymous said...

i think cowboy is going to be the highlight of the season...he seems like a crazy voodoo medicine man