Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Texas Gubernatorial Debate

I missed the Texas Gubernatorial Debate Friday, but I found on the Dallas morning news site. Here is the link. There is only one debate this year because Gov. Rick Perry is a tool. Which is sad because I'm republican. The candidates include Chris Bell the democratic nominee, current Gov. Rick Perry and two indents Carole Strayhorn and Kinky Freidman. I have no idea whom I going to vote for now. I was leaning toward Kinky because he is a kooky guy, but the Internet is Satan comment took me out of his camp. Kinky you wacky dumbass!Chris Bell sounded OK, but I don't know just another standard politician. Strayhorn sounded like a moron not knowing the president of Mexico and how many slogans does she have? It was like a bad comic with all those one-liners. I'm torn. I don't like Perry he is owned by too many people, Strayhorn changes her mind more then her underwear, Kinky is a loon and Chris bell is a standard Democrat with no real ideas. Texas is fucked for another 4 years!


phred said...

You are right, we are screwed. This might be a good time to implement plans for McFlats,Texas.
Fuzzbox for Gov.

Crazy Dan said...

Screw you its time to give the governorship back to the Democrats so that we can set things right again!! BELL IN 2006!!!!!

Big D said...

phred: Hells yeah.

CD: Whatever i turned you to the darkside long ago. You can never go back, they will not accept you.

pure evyl said...

The internet is Satan. And I am luvin' it.