Thursday, November 30, 2006

Journey Thru the Snow.

It doesn’t snow much here in West Texas, but occasionally the sky opens up on a cold winter day and we are gifted with the frigid delight. Yes, Snow Day is a time of great excitement. I know I get all exited like a little kid and it takes every ounce of will power I have not to roll up that snow into a nice round ball and start pelting coworkers as they attempt to make into the building under duress. It’s a primal need, especially seeing how we may have only one good snow a year possibly every two. I’m sure some of you northerners get tired of the snow and rightly so, you get feet not inches, but here in West Texas it’s a time to celebrate. Schools are closed or delayed, because everyone know Texans can’t drive in the snow. If you live far away it’s a great excuse to skip work. Another great past time when it snows is something I’ve envied of Northerners for years. SNOW ICE CREAM!!!! That’s right the ambrosia of the gods, that wonderful sweet delight that is snow ice cream. Recently I found out most of the people where snow is plentiful have never even heard of snow ice cream. Hell when you mention the very idea you get a look of yeah right which then proceeds to distain and finally they just think you’re a dumb ass. Snow Ice cream is true! People of the North I implore you to embrace your destiny! You cannot make snow ice cream until the second snow, I can only pray for a second snow this year. It has been over three years since my last batch of the ambrosia. God willing this year break that drought will be broken. I urge you northerners to have an open mind and make some for yourselves below is what you need to make this tasty treat.

Large Bowl of pure white snow.
Lots of Sugar
Lots of milk

Keep in mind you need lots of sugar and milk, not a whole lot of vanilla. Mix it too taste. I got the recipe as a kid from my mom who apparently doesn’t use measuring utensils. So play around. I guarantee you, you will love it!

Here is my journey to work this morning as I walked thru the powdery joy.

My House. You can see my footprints I made as I found a pot for a picture.

Empty lot I walk thru every morning covered in snow.

Thought this made a cool picture. Where is the sidewalk?

That's not The Dickens County Tree Hugger aka Bigfoot it's just my size 13s in the snow!

And we say we are the dominant lifeforms on this planet. this pour schmuck is walking his dogs and picking up their steaming pile of poo in the cold wet snow.

Crossing Mainstreet. Yeah, we're a metropolis.

MOre of downtown. Holy shit there is a car! I can't beleive it.


Dominique said...

snow ice cream....yeah, I still don't believe you.

Crazy Dan said...

Snow ice cream is awesome I will mail you some next snow up here! I can't believe you walked to work, it was single digets up here with a negitive windchill plus a 25 mile an hour wind! And if it sounds like I am crying about it then you would be right.

Phats said...

I HATE SNOW! we are expecting 4-6 inches this weekend YUCK!

Breezy said...

i'm glad that you added the adjective "white" in your recipe. i know some fucktards that might choose the yellow snow instead.

TheHamburger said...

There are actually two cars...

I was supposed to be in STL this weekend but they're supposed to get 8-12 inches of snow...still can't top the 38 inches we got a few years ago...that was some bullshit. But then again, Nebraska isn't quite Texas.

:P fuzzbox said...

I had to work outside most of the afternoon. The wind was a bitch but I luv the snow. Can't wait for the second snow. I am dieing for some snow ice cream. Just don't eat the yellow snow.

rockyjay said...

It doesn't snow where I am coming from; while snow is far from common in Florida, it does fall there from time to time.

In fact, on Jan. 19, 1977.

And to be honest -- I don't miss it at all!

Pixie said...

Snow Ice cream--- ummmm.

We didnt have much snow but pleanty of ice that has broken lots of trees.
Snow is great from inside the house!

Ukers must be like Texans then because all of England will grind to a halt over an inch of snow.

Anonymous said...

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