Monday, June 04, 2007

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Since I am bored and have nothing better to do I figure I will take Fuzz's challenge and try to name 5 great places to eat. I have to commend my brother that was an awesome list of places to eat and I will try to do my best to add to that. In no particular order here are 5 places I like to eat.

The Big Texan (Amarillo, TX)

The Big Texan Steak Ranch is most famous for it's free 72 oz. steak dinner You eat at wooden tables and get to watch your food cooked on an open grill. One interesting thing about going there is that all the server have to dress like cowboys and cowgirls and nothing makes me happier then getting to watch other misery. So there is always good entertainment especially if you pretend your not from Texas and ask stupid questions to annoy the staff, plus there is live music and dancing, on Wednesday they will even teach you how to play Texas Hold'em or you can be in a tournament if you got the skills (sadly no real gambling). The 72 oz. steak dinner is free if you eat it in one hour, the only catch is you have to eat the salad too. An interesting note is that The Big Texan Steak Ranch was on MAXIM Magazine’s list of Top 10 Steak Houses in America!

Dicks Last Resort (Chicago, IL)

If you’ve never been to Dick’s, you are in for a surprise the minute you walk in the door. If you wear a tie, the person greeting you at the door will literally cut it off with a scissors. “No ties allowed” standard of dress. The “host” will also greet you by insulting you and your party – be mindful that colorful language may be used in the salutation. Upon being seated, you continue to get the picture that this is not your average restaurant/tavern. Your server will introduce themselves and proceed to insult you, me I just talk shit right back especially after a couple of Dick’s Big Ass Beers you even get to keep the glass, and you can get your food ordered in a bucket which is good because I don't have table manners any way. I told the waitress that my friend needed a nipple for his beer beer because he was nursing it , the waitress grabbed on to one of her breasts and raised it in his direction; you just can't beat service like that!

The Boiling Pot (Rockport, TX)

Driving up this place it looked more like a warehouse but if you look closely at it you will realize that a lot of work has gone into giving this place and everyone that comes can write there name on the building. As you walk in you may see two or there attractively dressed young ladies, in shorty shorts and a T-Shirt. I thought of Hooters, but really its not that at all, more like the girl next door at the bake sale with her sleeves rolled up. Then your server comes along and puts big bright disposable lobster bibs on everyone and that tells you your in for a messy time. We tried the Cajun Combo which is a half pound of polish sausage, half pound shrimp (we ordered extra), four spicy sweet corn half cobs, and if I recall a couple of blue crab claws. All were boiled nicely in the same pot with in a spicy handful of herbs, and the server took pride in the ritual dumping of the drained food in the middle of our table. I enjoyed the hell out of the food and so did my wife except she could not handle having to rip the head off her shrimp and made me doing all the shrimp cleaning.

Johnny Carino's (Anywhere, USA)

I do not know a lot about Italian food so I will not attempt to critic actual Italian food but I love the Italian Nachos, which have chips similar to Nacho chips but slightly lighter, topped with banana peppers, jalapenos, cheese, cream sauce, olives, and chicken and/or sausage.

Wienerschnitzel (Fast Food Chain)

Wienerschnitzel locations are almost entirely limited to California, Texas, and the Southwest. Who have to love a place whose mascot is a chili dog that runs around trying not to get eaten and there great advertising slogan of take the chili dog diet (No wonder I am a fat ass). Nothing says CRAZY TASTY quite like a number 5 chili dog, chili burger, and chili fires. If your ever at the Bell location in Amarillo if you use the phrase "and don't ejaculated in my chili" they use a different pot of chili, not sure if that is a good thing or not.


Phats said...

OK all these food posts are really making hungry. a 72oz steak WTF?!

Dicks sounds like Ed Debvics which is also in Chicago.

Big D said...

You're such a puss that other pot of chili is tangier.

Crazy Dan said...

Phats - Its true but good luck eating it its bigger then it sounds.

Big D - you think so?

:P fuzzbox said...

I love getting the triple chili combo. Nothing says chili love like a chili cheese dog, chili cheeseburger, chili cheese fries.

I am going to have to check out The Boiling Pot. That sounds like my kind of joint.

breezy said...

i loved the boiling pot...except for those little shrimp heads staring at me!!

Crazy Dan said...

Fuzz - It was pretty tasty me and breezy wrote our name all over the place. So when you go sit in the back and check out my little picture.