Monday, February 21, 2011

Bathroom Art

I can not help but love bathroom art and really the only type of poetry I like is usually found on bathroom stalls so when a friend emailed me this pic I just had to share it. Before smart phones the only thing to do in a public bathroom was sit there and wait for the magic to happen and if you were lucky some generous soul poured out his feelings on the wall and by that I mean they wrote/drew on the bathroom stall.I really don't want to think about what else might be on the walls. Usually is it just something about some one's mother or some ex-girlfriends phone number but occasionally you get some really good stuff, things that have become classics and the only poetry most people know.

Here I sit in clouds of vapor
Someone stole the toilet paper.
How much longer must I linger
Before I'm forced to use my finger?

Here is sit all broken hearted
Tried to shit
But only farted

There was an old man from Nantucket
whose dick was so long he could suck it.
He once said with a grin,
as he wiped off his chin,
If my ear was a cunt I could fuck it.

Some come here to sit and think,
Some come here to shit and stink,
But I come here to scratch my balls,
And read the bullshit on the walls

Fuck me suck me,
make me bleed.
Kinky sex,
is what i need.

I was here but now i'm not
I sat right here and smoked some pot,
I'm writing this to make a point,
Lifes a bitch so smoke a joint

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