Friday, April 07, 2006

Tree Hugger Sighting.

-------------------- Developing --------------------

North of Dickens in the Croton Breaks at 8:30 this morning there was a sighting of the Dickens County Tree Hugger. A witness by the name of Jason, whose last name we will no reveal, claimed that the beast had blue tinged fur and was gigantic. JAson estimated the Tree hugger at 12 foot tall. This could very well be the largest witnessed species of Bigfoot recorded, next to the Yeti. Jason also stated the Bigfoot was being aided to safety by a smaller man. Man was wearing in a blue shirt and cap with dark hair and goatee. The man then directed the Tree Hugger into the bed of his white pickup truck. Jason then reported the truck was a white Chevy Silverado that looked like a typical of work or repair vehicle. Jason was unable to identify any other markings on the truck. It was also reported by this same witness that the creature appeared in good humor. "It appeared to be laughing, but who could tell what that loud horse grumbling was?" reported the witness. The scene was searched and massive footprints were found embedded in the deep rock near the canyon. Prove collaborating Jason's story. The footprints were measured and found to be 24 inches in lenght and 11 inches in width. Another interesting find as the soul of the feet also appeared to also leave an impression. The soles showed to be tough, worn and boot like. The Tree Huggers weight is anyone's guess, but Jason reported the Tree Hugger as lanky with long strides.

What are the Tree Huggers doing out this late in the day is anyone's guess. I believe something the A-Team did disturbed their hunting grounds. Or believing their presence has been compromised they are being relocated by sympathetic members of the community. Others hint at a larger conspiracy that runs much deeper, but that remains to be seen. All I know is the Tree Huggers appear to be active. This is a very dangerous time in Dickens and other surrounding counties. I urge caution to all residents.

I will report any new details when they become available.

-------------------- End --------------------


Mimi said...

If they become a threat I am confident the A-Team will keep us all safe!

Crazy Dan said...

interesting story are you sure he wasnt just watching you walk to work?

Big D said...

Mimi Thanks for the vote of confidence!

CD: I'm a Lumocks. Which entirely different then a biigfoot.

:P fuzzbox said...

Bigfoots are a threat. But I believe that there are a lot of Bigfoot sympathyzers in the area.