Monday, October 31, 2005

GOTD: Cowgirl

Happy Halloween! So if you are still wondering what to wear, fear not, you still have time. There is nothing easier than dressing up as a Cowgirl. Just take get a cowboy hat a pair of jeans a few sizes too small and BAM instant costume! Today being Halloween and the last day of October it will be the last week of costume month. For the transition we will take the time to celebrate Halloween with cowgirl week and I'll throw in a few sexy Indian maidens as well to celebrate the States next holiday Thanksgiving. So tonight be sure to save a horse and ride a Texan, cowgirl or reverse cowgirl style!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Gansta and Geek Collide

Alright so I'm about to go ubergeek on your ass. Not only I'm, I going to tell you about this network problem that I thought was hilarious. I'm going to use gizoogle to translate. Most of you are not going to get the geek part anyway, but maybe you can laugh at the Snoop Translation. If not, oh fucking well. I have to thank Gangstas-Hugs for posting about the gizoogle site on his blog, I would never have found it.

So last wizzle while i was crazy ass busy some schools had a major network change. tha chillin' service provida they use was clockin' ip addresses on tha main proxy crazy ass nigga yaba daba dizzle. i wizzill not name tha schools at tha risk of mah job. this change tizzy place on a friday brotha three o clock n of course not one of tha technology thugz stayed ta makes sure it was going ta wizzle cuz this is how we do it. obviously it did not wizzy coz changes needed ta be made in they routa n on all tha computa. i maintain they routa n found pusha a change i mizzy fo` tha new network i could not remote into some of tha schools, while brotha worked n' shit. i tried ta C-to-tha-izzall them n no one was there coz they dont care it's firday! wizzell i dizzle care a whole lot brotha way if they network works or not, especially if they aint going ta be there ta hizzelp.

Wizzy i git a call from a certain schools consultant `bout an hour baller n he said "i cant git ta they serva is it down?" D-to-tha-izzuh, dumbass everyth'n is dizzown n you knew `bout this change three weeks before i did . Aint no stoppin' this shit nigga. he tells me he wizzay git a hold of someone ta reload tha shot calla. wizzy no one is there ta reload tha poser n he tells me they have a class tomorrow. i tizzle him, "-W-to-tha-izzell you playa git someone ta shutdown that routa before we close at five if you need me ta do blingin' tha technology coordizzles lady tizzle calls n tells me she aint in ghetto n had taken tha day off. wizzell bootylicious job on plann'n thiznat, i dizzle think she is competent enough ta do her jizzob, but i know tha otha arent n shit. she thizzen tells me she wizzay be in tomorrow n will give me a C-to-tha-izzall T-H-to-tha-izzen keep'n it real yo. i T-to-tha-izzell her im off on saturdays n if she needed mah assistance we would hizzle ta charge our overtime rates . Keep the party crackin while I'm steady rappin'. she did not like this n so no saturday class . Throw yo guns in the motherfuckin air.

Monday i came in n they were still not ridin' but all tha otha schools that had problems were work'n hustla a reload fo all my homies in the pen. so i gizzy her a call on her cizzell, she tells me she had reset tha baller on saturday, i knew she had not reloaded it would hizzy worked, but she would hizzle someone at tha schoo` do it as she was out tha office again if you gots a paper stack. so, i git a C-to-tha-izzall fizzy a schoo` adminizzles n he reloaded tha bitch n it was S-T-to-tha-izzill was not work'n. i T-to-tha-izzell him i wizzy makes a trizzip down there n takes care of it . Snoop heffner mixed with a little bit of doggy flint. when i show up he unlocks tha room n lets me in. right off i see tha problem n C-to-tha-izzant hizzay but laugh fo yo bitch ass. now let me pause n tizzy you this coordizzles takes care of they network n teaches cisco rout'n, messin' n computa repair. she had labeled tha various equipment wit large tags like you might see in a kindergizzles ROUTER, SERVER, FIREWALL.

Wizzy tha Gangsta label was on tha switch whizzay a dumb bizzay . Dogg House Records in the motha fuckin house! I looked over at tha principal n smizzay reached down took off tha label slapped it on tha routa n said "-F-to-tha-izzor future reference this it tha pusha I reloaded n tha internet cam up n worked perfectly . Real niggas recognize the realness.. I dont blame tha homey how was he supposed ta knizzay but tha lady is claim'n ta be a technology professizzles Pleaze! The next day she actually called me n told me tizzy she kniznew what piece of equipment was tha routa, but was just in a hurry n wanted ta makes sure that if sum-m sum-m wizzent wrong someone else would no wizzle ta do. The problem is she was hustla lay'n ta me n tha schoo` adminizzles `bout reload'n tha brotha n weed-smokin' on Saturday or she is a moron, poser way I cam out smell'n like a rose, well maybe not that smizzirk at laugh may have made me look like an ass, but thizzay tha only true way ta tiznell if a person knows technology. They is a condescend'n smizzay ass, but it's like I always say "The problem wit being betta tha everyone is thugz tend ta find you pretentious ."

GOTD: Construction

This is Melissa Midwest and yes she's not wearing any panties! Things seem to be slowing down and I apoligize for the lack of blogging posts. I've barely been able to keep up with the GOTD let alone post something worth reading. Thanks for visiting true believers!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

GOTD: Wal-Mart

I didn't think I was going to make it, but better late then never. So here is a an actual Wal-mart employee found in the pages of a special edition playboy. Say hello to Beth!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

GOTD: Secretary

This chick's name is Lenka for those you would like to see her naked go to your favorite search engine and type her name. She is one dedicated secretary.

Monday, October 24, 2005

GOTD: UPS Delivery Girl

Secretaries, Teachers, Stewardesses, all of these professions can be sexed up in a costume and look hot. How many times have you wanted to bang a teacher growing up and dreamed of having a hot secretary. So here is to working womens costumes, so what can brown do for you?

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Sorry Again

Arguements are the spice of life and they keep life interesting but sometimes women just dramatize things too much. She really over-reacted when she caught me wearing her underwear, I do not believe it was that big of a deal. I said I was sorry and that should have been the end of it but she keeps on bitching about it. So for the hundredth time I am sorry.

Friday, October 21, 2005


Here is some wallpapers to make up for the first couple of sucky ones. I found this pics at . I love capes!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Redneck Life at Phred's World

Phred over at Phred's World has a great post about the south. If you have the time go check it out.

GOTD: Supergirl

Another wallpaper of one my favorite internet models Tiffany Teen.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Rocky VI

"Lonely and at loose ends, retired boxer Rocky Balboa comes out of retirement, intending to fight a few low-profile local fights just to keep his hand in. But when he's approached to fight a match with reigning heavyweight champ Mason 'The Line' Dixon, Rocky's modest little comeback becomes the center of a media firestorm."

You thought I was joking, but this actually the premise of the movie. Some of you might have guessed it was authentic as there are no spelling or grammatical errors in the first paragraph.

GOTD: Vampirella

Monday, October 17, 2005

In the News

We all know the media like to exaggerate and stretch the truth. Well a today show correspondent was caught. In this picture correspondent Michelle Kosinski, was reporting on the floods in New Jersey and decided to use a canoe for "dramatic effect". Her in depth report was then ruined when two bastards walked between her and the camera showing the actual flooding depth.

File this under NO SHIT!

You said you needed a fifty?

In a paper titled Toward an Understanding of the Economics of Charity: Evidence from a Field Experiment. This brilliant deduction was discovered.

"This study develops theory and uses a door-to-door fundraising field experiment to explore the economics of charity. We approached nearly 5000 households, randomly divided into four experimental treatments, to shed light on key issues on the demand side of charitable fundraising. Empirical results are in line with our theory: in gross terms, our lottery treatments raised considerably more money than our voluntary contributions treatments. Interestingly, we find that a one standard deviation increase in female solicitor physical attractiveness is similar to that of the lottery incentive."

What does this mean? It means if you are hot, have large breast, or a smokin' ass men tend to give more money away. Next thing they are going to baffle us with is monetary donations increase when males are intoxicated and looking at cleavage or half naked young women. Maybe I can get a research grant for that study? I called this idea, don't you bastards go stealing my stripper money!

Monday's SuperHeroine

Decided this week will be super heroine's. WonderWoman, Catwoman, Supergirl, whatever you get the point.

Friday, October 14, 2005

What's in You're White Trash Survival Guide?

2 big reasons and 2 medium reasons not to hate Oklahoma.

If you have or had a White Trash Survival Kit. What would be in it? Got this idea from IHS.
  • Dale Earnhart Commemorative plaque
  • Case of Keystone Light (I'm afriad of the dark.)
  • Case of Keystone Ice (Keep's everything cold.)
  • Pork Rines
  • Eight track and Lynard Skynard

Some might say why do you have Keystone instead of Budweiser? Because Keystone is the cheapest nastiest shit you can buy. Remember this is survival not a vacation at the Holiday Inn!

Friday's Naughty Nurse

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Dark crimson blood seeped through the cold stony floor in the Cave of Disturbed. Broken and beaten he was sprawled out on the unforgiving cavern floor despair flooding over him, the circle pit was relentless and try as he might nothing could escape it. Far out in the cavern he heard the whisper of laughter. Again he heard the laughter getting closer and closer there was no joy in it, only hatred, horror and soul destroying terror. Crazy Dan groaned on the cold earth he was not afraid but the laugh was beginning to unnerve him, knowing that surely the Brainkin's minions had been alerted that he had abandoned camp and now they would be searching for him as he lay in a pool of his own blood unable to move. The tiny lights in the cavern played tricks on his mind that created blurred images of creatures and impossible shadows that seemed to stalk closer to see if he truly was incapacitated, all this and the steady laughter was enough to make any man lose hope and go insane. Despair clouded his thoughts as he wished that he had never asked :PFuzzbox to accompany him on such a perilous journey. Hopefully the dwarf still lived and could escape. He had no right to ask for help. :PFuzzbox has a wife and family to take care of how could he be so selfish. If he only had decided just to give in and let the Briankin have her way all of this could have been avoided; so what if he would have been only a puppet agreeing with her every little whim at least we would be alive and the clan would still be able to continue. As these doubts plagued him unmercifully a shadow advanced over him and the laughter stopped.

The demon looked down on him with a triumphant smile knowing that the Brainkin would reward her most lavishly, a choice of treasures awaited her with the capture of this one puny male. Bending over the body that lay stark in his own mutilation she shuddered. A rare thing to happen to her considering all that she had seen in her life. He was truely a gruesome site to behold, just a sack of blood and broken bones. Why would such a feeble decrepit man be so important to their leader, unless... he was the one meant to be her bridegroom. He seemed broken and impotent, but this could be the only reason that such a large reward would be placed on him. A wicked smile came to her face no reward would be enough if this was truly the vigorous untamable he-man that the rumors had said he was. She knew of medicines and dark alchemy that could restore his body. Very silently a gurgling whisper escaped the mans lips and she moved closer to hear what he had to say when a slimy liquid splashed her face. Jerking up she wipped the spit off her face it was more blood then anything else, even with all his injuries he was still fearless, in time she could break him and what a ride it would be.

Thursday's Naughty Nurse

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Tuesday's Naughty Nurse

The new American Red Cross Logo used to swell donations and raise support.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Who is the Aimless Ranter?

I have been hounded by questions. Who is the Aimless Ranter. Well, after taking up a lead :PFuzzbox and I tracked down rmartini the aimless ranter. He is in fact Derick Estrada, Eric Estrada's estranged gay lovechild. We were able to steal a photo of the seed of Paunch at his first day on the job with his second daddy. And by the look on his face I think somebody needs to call CPS there is some abuse in that happy home!

Monday's Naughty Nurse

I remember the day I saw my first porno. I was probably 10 or 11. I was looking for a video my mother had taken away with some of my favorite cartoons and I found my dads secret stash of porn. It had no label, but the way it was hidden I knew it had to my tape. Why would someone go to such depths to hide it? Well I popped it into the VCR and low and behold it was Linda Lovelace giving a blowjob. Although, I loved cartoons and still do today I have been addicted to porn ever since then. Maybe that's why this week Naughty Nurses is so fun. It's my tribute to that delightful nurse Linda Lovelace in that classic movie Deep Throat.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Friday's Bad Cop

Being a cop is not just coffee and donuts. It's hard work! The really hot females have strip down, oil up and wash those bad boys. I mean they have to wash the police car.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Tip Toe thru the Tulips!

I was e-mailed this picture today with no description and since I'm lazy I didn't look it up. If you have information of this play gone wrong, comment.

Wednesday's Naughty Cop

Don't forget to watch out for the undercover cops too.

Monday, October 03, 2005


I don't know about you, but I need a fix for the former "Ouch of the Day". So here is an Alabama touchdown reception that went down... probably in tears.

Monday's Bad Cop

October has begun and I'm continuing with costumes.How about those bad cops? Here is Sunny Leone on the force and ready to slap the cuffs on you. Check out Sunday's post to join the Anti-Housewife Mafia!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Anti-Housewife Mafia

Looks like Crazy Dan is fighting hard and turning the tide. Much like Superman when he is taking on a tsunami putting the mommies on thier back is inevitabile. (crazydan says.. thats were I like these whores on their back) You'll see I've added and separated my links into links and confirmed members of the Anti-Housewife Mafia. The Anti-Housewife Mafia has no rules and is organized anarchy at least thats what Crazy Dan is calling it. You do not have to be a member of Blog Explosion or a guy to belong to this group. It's more of an ideal to change the blogging community. If you decide to join the Anti-Housewife Mafia know that you will be targeted... but most likely you already have been if your reading this Their campaign of "Moral and Family Values" seems to be targeting many great blogs. If you are labeled with an adult or profanity tag, we can help with a few extra votes on the battles though. I'm working on one of those ring buttons now so let me know if you want on the list.

UPDATE: Forget the seprate links. I created a webring if you'd link to join. E-mail me at or tell me your e-mail address in the coments.