Thursday, November 30, 2006

Journey Thru the Snow.

It doesn’t snow much here in West Texas, but occasionally the sky opens up on a cold winter day and we are gifted with the frigid delight. Yes, Snow Day is a time of great excitement. I know I get all exited like a little kid and it takes every ounce of will power I have not to roll up that snow into a nice round ball and start pelting coworkers as they attempt to make into the building under duress. It’s a primal need, especially seeing how we may have only one good snow a year possibly every two. I’m sure some of you northerners get tired of the snow and rightly so, you get feet not inches, but here in West Texas it’s a time to celebrate. Schools are closed or delayed, because everyone know Texans can’t drive in the snow. If you live far away it’s a great excuse to skip work. Another great past time when it snows is something I’ve envied of Northerners for years. SNOW ICE CREAM!!!! That’s right the ambrosia of the gods, that wonderful sweet delight that is snow ice cream. Recently I found out most of the people where snow is plentiful have never even heard of snow ice cream. Hell when you mention the very idea you get a look of yeah right which then proceeds to distain and finally they just think you’re a dumb ass. Snow Ice cream is true! People of the North I implore you to embrace your destiny! You cannot make snow ice cream until the second snow, I can only pray for a second snow this year. It has been over three years since my last batch of the ambrosia. God willing this year break that drought will be broken. I urge you northerners to have an open mind and make some for yourselves below is what you need to make this tasty treat.

Large Bowl of pure white snow.
Lots of Sugar
Lots of milk

Keep in mind you need lots of sugar and milk, not a whole lot of vanilla. Mix it too taste. I got the recipe as a kid from my mom who apparently doesn’t use measuring utensils. So play around. I guarantee you, you will love it!

Here is my journey to work this morning as I walked thru the powdery joy.

My House. You can see my footprints I made as I found a pot for a picture.

Empty lot I walk thru every morning covered in snow.

Thought this made a cool picture. Where is the sidewalk?

That's not The Dickens County Tree Hugger aka Bigfoot it's just my size 13s in the snow!

And we say we are the dominant lifeforms on this planet. this pour schmuck is walking his dogs and picking up their steaming pile of poo in the cold wet snow.

Crossing Mainstreet. Yeah, we're a metropolis.

MOre of downtown. Holy shit there is a car! I can't beleive it.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Big D has been slacking on his usual holidday wallpapers so before Thanksgiving is over I thought I would put up last years Thanksgiving Motivation, Thanks for the leftovers Big D. November is almost over so bring on CHRISTMAS!!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Turkey Day Fun

I had an awesome Thanksgiving Holiday racked up just under 700 miles on the old Pontiac. We began our trip Wednesday and headed out to my father-in-laws thanksgiving jamboree or as my brother and his wife refers to it “Emmett and Otters Live Jug Band Thanksgiving.” They call it this because most of the their family are musically inclined in the bluegrass arts; this includes the mandolin, fiddles, guitars, harmonicas, banjos, spoons, and a variety of other musical instruments I am unable to identity. This would be my first time celebrating Thanksgiving with them and I was a little worried about it at first, I am not a fan of lots of people so the 150 people that normal show up had my shaking in my booties. What I forgot is that older people can cook and Thanksgiving one of those holidays where they pull out all the stops. There was some really great food there and I spent most of my time eating pecan pie. When everyone’s belly was full it was time to break out the moonshine and start the singing. I must say nothing brings out the Johnny Cash in me quite like some homemade whiskey, and before long I was shaking my leg and getting down. I can’t wait for next year and came back with lots of recipes and will start making my own whisky soon.

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Have a good thanksgiving everyone!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My First Communion

This will be one of my few posts about organized religion so if this is something you take serious of do not enjoy reading I ask you to leave now. I have never been what you would call a religious type of person, I consider myself to be more of a spiritual type of person and have studied many different types of religions form Buddhism to Scientology. Early one Sunday my in-laws invited me to go to church with them on communion Sunday. I was always told that communion Sunday are for those people that have been baptized and are holy type people so bad little boys like me were not invited to participate. So I thought it would be interesting to sit back and watch this ritual to see what it was all about.

At first I found Church to be a relaxing place everyone is quiet and just sort of sits there, truth be told I was wishing I had brought a book to read because it reminded me of Barnes and Noble. Then the singing started… I am no singer and my wife usually pleads with me to shut up when I am sing with the radio. So for me to be forced to stand up and sing is a bit much to ask for. So as a stand up and stare at everybody I get this look from the father in law, I really can’t describe this look but it spoke volumes and not in a happy good feeling kind of way.

Finally what I had been waiting for happens and the preacher goes into this sermon about bread being the body of Christ and grape juice being the blood of Christ. Next thing I know everyone is being asked to come forward and received the blessings of Christ. That’s right I said EVERYONE, I start to go hysterical and try to leave but I can’t I have my wife and father-in-law staring me down. My body takes over and I start walking down the aisle while everything in my head is screaming RUN, FLEE, DON’T GO, something inside is begging me to leave but I can’t my legs will not work my body is moving on its on. It seems like a tortuous long journey and I am kneeling before the preacher, tears are coming to eyes because I can’t get away. I look up into the preacher eyes and see a kindness and understanding it is something I really can not explain. After taking the bread and grape juice something even stranger occurred and I am still trying to figure it out. A since of calmness almost like forgiveness filled my heart, I am being completely honest when I tell you I have never felt anything like this. I am still trying to figure it out. What was this feeling? What does it mean? I guess only time will tell but in the mean time I am going to continue being me.