Friday, March 04, 2011

The News That Rocks

"A U.S. man high on methamphetamine drove with his wife on the hood of their minivan for more than 40 miles, hitting speeds of 100 mph, according to police." I just can't help but imagine the guy yelling, "hang on darlin' they gots a sale at the Wal-Mart."

" A banana peel, the torment of many a cartoon character, has allegedly becomethe real life down fall of a woman in California. Ida Valintine, 58 is suing the 99 Cent Store where she slipped." I am getting really tired of hearing about people suing for their stupidity. This is not even a wet floor just watch where you are going and this would have been prevented. I hope she broke her hip.

Saving Abel

Saving Able is coming to town so put on your party dress and don't forget the combat boots cause its time for a hoe down.