Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Didn't your mom tell you not to put things in your mouth?

So Californians are pro-gecko. Personally, I think the Geico Gecko is an annoying little bastard and deserves what he gets. Apparently California law does not agree. When Derrick Ford of Orange County decided to take up his friends bet and bite the head off a gecko the police were notified and poor Derrick was arrested. Sure he gained ten bucks from a friend who didn't think he would do it, but now he is going to have much worse things in his mouth then a the bloody head of a lizard, thanks to OCPD. There was a time when stupidity would get you scorned or mocked, but now it just gets you arrested.

Speaking of putting things in your mouth. It looks like our little Hilary is growing up. She attended the premire of Eon McKai's Kill Girl Kill 3.

"Hilary arrived with an entourage and sat at the side of the nightclub all night," publicist Sean Carnage told "At one point, Hilary asked two burlesque dancers to come over to her table and they did." The adult news website added “She never mingled with the guests, but did enjoy dinner, drinks and the music."

Hey, it might be innocent, maybe she had problem with those horse veneers of hers and needed some expert tips on the "no teeth" rule. Then again she might just be into big boobed strippers.


Crazy Dan said...

I can not believe he was arrested for that. The police need to be out catching really criminals not drunk frat cocksucker.

Jaime said...

if i were a medically enhanced big boobed stripper . . . i'd be kinda scared to get close to Hillary Duff's new horse teeth. they might pop the boobs. and getting those fixed entails more than a trip to the Chevron station to get them pumped up again

Big D said...

The price of silicon is simply outrageous these days!

Ann Alsex said...

I would be happy to give little Hilary a lesson :D