Thursday, December 29, 2005

X-Box 360 and a box of Coal

He knows when you've been sleeping, he knows when your a awake.
He knows if you've been bad or good.
and he'll get you with a prank.

NO. Not Aston Kutcher he's a bitch. I'm talking about my new hero. This Dad from Kansas City who put an ad on Criag's list. Whatever the hell that is. This story is making it's rounds on the net, I found it on my favorite gadget site Gizmodo. There seems to be lots of negative about a positive event.

Selling My Kid's XBox 360--$100

My kid has been an absolute terror for the last month. He has been demanding more and more from my wife while constantly pestering us to give him his X-box 360 so he can play it. Last night was the last straw when he kicked my $2000 stereo system after I refused to give it to him early.

It is an X-box 360 system. It has the console, harddrive, a couple of cables, and some sort of little headset or something.

So we have decided to get some revenge this Christmas. I will need to keep the box.

To purchase this system, you must be able to pick it up at my house or at work during normal hours. Call in advance so I can get the wife to take the kid out for a drive or distract him downstairs.

I am asking $100 cash. I will also need you to bring a bag of charcoal so I can fill the box up with. Let me stress again that you will get the full contents of the box-the 360, controller, headset, those cords, etc. YOU WILL NOT GET THE BOX, as we will need it along with the charcoal for a little x-mas surprise.

I would prefer that this goes to a kid who deserves it and treats his mom nice, but I will sell it to anybody just to get rid of it. If nobody buys this by christmas eve, I will just go and toss the contents of the box in a dumpster.

I don't know if this is real or not, but in my heart of hearts I hope so. So here is a kick in the ass you ungrateful little shit!


:P fuzzbox said...

If this is a legit story then it serves the ingrateful little bastard right.

RAVEN the PITA said...

Nahh this has got to be bullshit - why ask 100 when you can put it on ebay and get double your money for it - even without the box LOL

Mojotek said...

While teh sentiment is awesome... I'm betting it's a hoax. God, it would be awesome if it were true though.

RockyJay said...

Probably a hoax as Craigslist generally sucks. I wish it was true; that little brat seems to deserve that!

Nevertheless, funny ass hell. I think I shat myself...