Monday, December 19, 2005

Tag Team

Mean Gene Okerlund and Jesse the Body Venture walk out of time to help me with today's post.

AAAAAANNNNNNDDD in this corner it's the Alfredo "Scareface" and his son the TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF MILAUKEEEEEEEEEE, THE HERNANDEZ'SSSSSSSS!!!!!

MG: The Hernadez's are a real class act Jessie, but they may be rusty they haven't seen a whole lot of action lately.

JV: Look here come the challengers now. They are a mysterious pair dressed in black. They must be luchadors with those black masks on, Mean Gene.

MG: I don't think so, look how they sneak up those stairs. I think they are going to try and take them by surprise. That just despicable Jesse.

JV: You do what you have to win, Mean Gene. I'm liking these challengers already.

MG: He's pulling something out of his pants Jesse!

JV: I don't want to know about your Saturday nights, Mean Gene!

MG: Very funnnt Jessie. No look it's a gun, of all the low down dirty tricks!

JV: Looks like the son is going to be out of commission.

MG: Ohhh the dad comes out of nowhere with a flying elbow to the head. That's got to hurt.

JV: That took some guts Mean Gene. Now the old man is wrestling the gun away. Look out the son has started punching the challenger in the face, it's a two on one Mean Gene!

MG: And just look at his partner run, what a coward.

JV: Well it's like Kenny Rogers says Mean Gene, "Sometimes you have to know when to headlock, know when to chair them in the head, and know when to run!"

MG: What's Mr. Hernadez doing with that cheese knife?

JV: Looks like he is stabbing him in the leg Mean Gene. That's why this guys are the champions!
MG: OH NO! The son has a snow shovel in his hands.

JV: The guy is trying to get up and run, Mean Gene. Not a smart move. Ohhhh, and there's the head shot. Nice one! I think that melon's ripe. They must listen to my commentary, Mean Gene!
MG: Here comes the police Jessie. I think this one is just about over.

JV: Look at the challenger whimpering and begging, Mean Gene. "I don't want to be arrested. Don't Let them take me to jail!" Take your time like a man, you cry baby!

MG: Look here comes the elder Hernadez!

JV: What a display of true wrestling fortitude Alferedo!

AH: "Oh yeah, I messed him up! He came in walking and left in a stretcher."

JV: HAHAHAHA. That's what I like to hear!

I would like to thank Mean Gene Okerlund and Jesse the Body for helping out, for the real story go here.

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