Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Wednesday's Naughty Cop

Don't forget to watch out for the undercover cops too.


:P fuzzbox said...

Where do you think she hides her gun when she is undercover? It would be nice if it was up this spammers ass.

Reiki said...

Is she in a greenhouse? Are there many bad guys hiding in greenhouses these days? I wish my skin was that smooth & shiny. Maybe she worked up a sweat chasing all the bad guys into the greenhouse.

A big thank you :P for clearing the air. I actually thought Big D and crazy Dan were the same his birth given name, and one the nickname for his penis. I just couldn't figure out which one was which. So thank you. Now I can think about other important stuff.

Crazy Dan said...

Well I am a dick... but come on what do you think grows in a greenhouse? Let see where does herion come from... and no not the black guy down the street you racist! And what about marijuana maybe the undercover cop is trying to steal a bigger stash.