Sunday, October 02, 2005

Anti-Housewife Mafia

Looks like Crazy Dan is fighting hard and turning the tide. Much like Superman when he is taking on a tsunami putting the mommies on thier back is inevitabile. (crazydan says.. thats were I like these whores on their back) You'll see I've added and separated my links into links and confirmed members of the Anti-Housewife Mafia. The Anti-Housewife Mafia has no rules and is organized anarchy at least thats what Crazy Dan is calling it. You do not have to be a member of Blog Explosion or a guy to belong to this group. It's more of an ideal to change the blogging community. If you decide to join the Anti-Housewife Mafia know that you will be targeted... but most likely you already have been if your reading this Their campaign of "Moral and Family Values" seems to be targeting many great blogs. If you are labeled with an adult or profanity tag, we can help with a few extra votes on the battles though. I'm working on one of those ring buttons now so let me know if you want on the list.

UPDATE: Forget the seprate links. I created a webring if you'd link to join. E-mail me at or tell me your e-mail address in the coments.


Jaime said...

I'm out of BlogExplosion for good. They kicked me out for starting problems. I'm guessing the support ticket i sent in response titled "suck my cock" won't make things right between them and me. fuck them. they harbor housewife mafia members. why would i want to keep using their service?

Big D said...

They kicked you? That's bullshit.I think they kicked out Ann Alsex too.

Ann Alsex said...

I will join.

Anonymous said...

ummm.... this post makes absolutely no sense. It's either really really bad grammar or someone let the autistic kid play with the computer again.

Dude. Take some college courses. Learn how to write before you decide to take on the blogging world.

Just because you have internet access and a computer doesn't automatically make you into a world class writer.

You're not President Bush writing under an alias are you? It definitely has a monkey knuckle typing technique.

Big D said...

Thanks annonymous grab some balls and write your name next time.

Jaime said...

yeah, seriously. LOL. way to avoid the issue entirely by attaching Big D's retarded grammar. fucking pansy.

add me to your thingamabobber.

Anonymous said...

Actually I'm remaining anonymouse because of neanderthal inbred southern hicks like you. You all tend to get mad and shoot or stab your coworkers, relatives, spouses, total strangers, and gays just because you can.

I don't need to publicity. But thanks for the warm thoughts.

I can see now why you all tend to bunch together. HERD INSTINCT

Anonymous said...

it's pronounced neanderTal without the H sound. Just thought I'd help you out a bit.

put that in your favorites. You're going to need it. :P

Have a nice day :)

Anonymous said...

Korean spam. How appropriate. hehe.

Damn fureenurs!

Big D said...

Thanks for visting my site so often anonymous. Thanks for the heads up on spam I could not tell the difference between thier post and yours. I guess they were selling shirts and you were giving away blowjobs.

phred said...

Dude, you know what you have done don`t you ??
You chose to express yourself.. a right set forth by the Constitution of the United States of America.
Hundred of thousands of good men and women DIED in the bloody jungles and scorching deserts thousands of miles from their families in order for you to have this right.
They layed down their lives so the rest of us could live in something other than dictatorship.
You DARE to exersize your freedom and it scares the hell out of them..they have a preconcieved notion of what normal is , and you deviate from that.
Plain and simple - you scare them..
I say - you have the Right !!!!
Anonymous..I proudly sign this..evidently YOU are is people like you that would turn this country`s clock Back 200+ years.
And don`t even have the balls to sign your name.
Come to think of it..that is the way cowards fight..they hit and jab ( sometimes at innocent people ) and then run back and hide in a cave. They won`t wear a uniform and be identified, they hide among the population and then pop out and attack whatever target is on hand..then run back to their cave.
Your tactics reak of those used by the Taliban and other cowardly ''jihad'' fighters.
Why don`t you come out in the open ? You also have a right to your opinion..
I`m betting you don`t have the guts to come out and claim responsibility for your anonymous post !!

Anonymous said...

1. it's laid... laid down their lives.

2. it's "exercise" for god's sake! something you apparently don't do since you can't spell it right.

3. reak? what the hell is reak? You "wreak" havoc. You reek of B.O. Where the fuck did you go to school?

oh wait. school. redneck. that's an oxymoron.

once again:

Big D said...

Hell yeah Phred! Notice how I still let you talk Anonymous? That's because you amuse me. It also tells me I'm on the right track. Thanks for all the feedback on a sunday.

Anonymous said...

yeah. I'm sure the dictionary link will come in real handy.

Crazy Dan said...

Phred u r teh man! but I wnat to sya Anonapussy said "laid" and "cum in handy" lol

Reiki said...

All I can say is when you start getting hate mail on an hourly are onto something...

Isn't it amusing to push people's buttons?

Kris said...

Just surfed in from BE. Don't quite get why you hate housewifes... but hey, I guess that's your perogative (please don't look that up your dictionary, anon..)

You do have the right and freedom to hate anybody you want to and freely express your hatred and anger.

And I also have the right to put you on my "do not vew again" list.

Anonymous said...

dear jane,

get a clue or at least a refill.

oh, and have your roots done girl!

phred said...

Dear Jane - I think you are sexy !!
Don`t change a thing !

Reiki said...

Thank you phred. And to you anona-bitch...everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. But at least I have the balls to sign my name to my opinion.

:P fuzzbox said...

I echo Phred from his opinions on rights of free speech to Dear Jane being hot. Hey anona-bitch, you are an anal retentive spell freak. Maybe you would be less OCD if you laid off the Twinkies and got laid.

Glyn (Zaphod) Evans said...

Hehe... this is great :)