Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hey sexy want a soda?

Denmark and the cock blocking French have banned this new soda, named Turn On, which acts as an aphrodisiac, but never fear it will soon be available in the US. The soda comes with a warning "This beverage will arouse you!" So if tequila makes her pants come off, then this little baby will make her panties come off and friends that's a winning combination.

Turn On, is made with guarana, ginseng and caffeine. Doctors warn that the drink is not for everyone, like children, preggers, and old people. One children don't need to be having sex, anyway. Two only sick bastards want to know about preggers, and old people having sex. Other then that your good to go.

So to the ladyies, what's 5 inches long, 8 inches around, and can hold 12 fluid ounces of hot sticky liquid? It's Turn On! So take a swig.


Crazy Dan said...

That shoudl market this to lesbians as well. Instetad of a guy and girl on the can have 2 girls I would rather buy that can.

:P fuzzbox said...

Damn French.

Breezy said...

man...that last line is a seller

Ranea said...

I'd buy a case! Maybe two. Whens it coming to the U.S.?

Big D said...

Crazy Dan: Hell yeah.

Fuzz: Bunch of cockblockers!

Breezy: Thank you.

Ranea: No idea.

JJ said...

Nothin' worse than a cockblockin' Frenchman.