Friday, February 03, 2006

My Little WHAT?

A mother of three purchased a "My Little Pony" DVD for her 3 kids ages 7, 5 and 4. However, instead of watching cute little pony's prancing on golden bricks; they got to see pretty whores holdin' pricks. The "My Little Pony" DVD was replaced with "Heartache" staring Stephanie Swift and Sydnee Steele in which... what the hell it's a porno, you know what happens. The lady responded to news paper reporter by saying, "I bought it as a surprise and, after their rooms were cleaned, I gave it to them." That's what I call a surprise! I can see it now. When her little boy turns into a teenager: "Man, When I was like four my mom bought this My Little Pony DVD. It was awesome, but she took it away and I can't find that movie anywhere. I'll I can find is stupid colorful little ponies instead sweet, sweet ass." The store is investigating the incident for those of you actually care.


:P fuzzbox said...

Why can't this kind of shit happen whenever I have to get a chick flik for Angry Joyce? Ohhh the humanity!!!!

Crazy Dan said...

I wonder if they were doing it pony style?

FyreGoddess said...

Did mom not notice that the disc itself had live action women... or at least didn't have cartoon ponies on it?

The way this reads it sounds like the kids actually got to see the porno action before mom was aware of what was going... am I think only one who sees mom having a larger part in this than whoever swapped the discs?

I can tell you that I, as a mother, would certainly have noticed if my son was watching porno - well before it got to the hardcore scenes...

Attentive parenting FTW!

~FG };^>

Ranea said...

I wonder if this Mommy will try "The black stallion" next.

Johnny Wadd said...

That is unfortunate...that it never happened to me when i was a kid.

Big D said...

fuzz: Too true. Knowing your luck though instead of watching chicks flicks it would be switched to Chicks with dicks.

Crazy Dan: I'm not exactly clear what pony style is.

fyregodess: Everything was wraped and sealed when she purchased the DVD. After the kids finished cleaner their room she just gave the kids the DVD where they when to their room to watch, They came back down later to tell their mom. So yes the kids actually did get to watch some porno, but they really wanted to wtch the my little pones and asked their mom about it.

Ranea: Good one.

Mic: That's true Mic, I actively stole my Dads porn.