Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My Night with Cisco

Hundreds of the tiniest violins play a long heartrending tune

"My Internet is down will it be up soon!"

The sad notes bring a tear to my eye,

The moon peeking its head out of the darkening sky.

Slowly the violins fade as their masters curse and they cry.

There will be no net tonight, I forlornly reply.

No blogging, no chatting, no e-mail, no porn.

What can I do?

I'm as helpless as you.

The stars shine brighter and brighter,

Hope slides slighter and slighter.

The witching hour approaches as the masses give in,

A crickety silence quite as sin.

Such a sweet tune it was, poignant and sweet.

On the morrow the violins will be playing loud and from high

Once again bringing a tear to my eye,

But for now it's me and the Cisco guy.


Ranea said...
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Ranea said...

That was beautiful man, it touched me! You have the soul of a poet.
How sad for you to be without porn!

Thanx for the pic,it's great. I'll work on you payment today.

Mimi said...

You have really touched me! You talked to my soul! ;)

Big D said...

Ranea: Sweet. I'm out.

Mimi: Did I? I don't recall, did I have fun doing it?

:P fuzzbox said...

A night without porn is a sad thing indeed. Nice post, poetic and eerily perverse.

Crazy Dan said...


Breezy said...

such a sad story... :(

starbender said...

Well, all the good thoughts have been said! I'll just say awwwwww!