Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My Space Freaks

My loving fiancee decided she wanted to do this thing called my space so grudgingly I decided to put one up as well so that I would not be left out of her friends list. At any rate this whole my space thing is kinda cool you and get to meet some interesting people. For example this person that wanted to be my friend, sad to say but I had to reject her she is too weird even for me.


Big D said...

At least you goat was alive! That's just weird.

rockyjay said...

I didn't want to give out too much info out with myspace, so my profile was 60 y-o billionaire - but I forgot to remove my picture (shows only my, very macho, backside).

Now, in a week, I have two dozen new gay friends.

Yee! Kudos, MySpace!