Friday, March 17, 2006

Screw Robot Wars We Want Blood

I am 10 kinds of pissed off and when I get angry the crazy psycho part me is unleashed so up yours Dr. Phil here is the real way to deal with stress: Tormenting small helpless creatures that have no brains. No I do not mean your in-laws, so Angry Joyce stop trying to kick me in the nuts. I believe hamsters are the best for the simple reason that those damn squirrels are to damn sneaky and fast to catch, damn I would really love to kill me one of those right now always chewing on things and climbing on trees making those wierd noises, besides who really cares about these fuzzy rats anyway. Enjoy the instructions may the quickest and sharpest knife win. For your information my hampter Reep-a-Cheep is the undisputed hampster champion of West Texas.


:P fuzzbox said...

Happy St. Pat's, crazy dan and big d. Beware the squirrel of death and try not playing with his nuts.

Big D said...

Reep-A-Cheep I can name the book you got that from.

Crazy Dan said...

Of course you can you nerd.