Thursday, November 10, 2005

Mesaba Airlines

A flight attendant fight stalled a Chicago-bound plane for hours. Chip Romine was the passenger center stage for this chick fight. Chip can you give us the play by play.

Sure Big D. It started off as nothing. I boarded Mesaba Airlines and found my seat I was trying to put my carry-on in the overhead, when this cute little blond attendant, Tracy comes over tells me that the bag was a little big and to let her handle it. Little Tracy had this great tight little ass Big D, you could bounce a quarter off of it. At first, I didn't think this little broad could handle it. I'll tell you what, I was wrong she gripped that bad boy and pulled it hard and pushed it in. I thought she almost had it all the way in when Tammie came in and snatched it out from under her. She told little Tracy it was too big for her and she would stick it in. Now, this older flight attendant had tons more experience then little Tracy, manly sort of face, but a Helluva a set of knockers. Let me tell you they were some ripe melons Big D. So anyway, Tracy gets pretty upset and screams at Tammie "I almost had it into you old dried up cunt!" Wow, talk about some fireworks, it was on. Next thing you know there was hair pulling, biting, scratching and grunting. It was quite the site as some other passengers and I gathered around to cheer them on. I had a side bet on Tammie when the little weasel of a co-pilot showed up, that puny cockblocker came out to see what the commotion was and turned beat red and stopped the fight as Tammie's large brazier landed on his head. We got a little angry at the virgin, and were just about to riot the pilot came out and shook his head. He asked why nobody called him for the fun and we all cracked up. This pilot was a Helluva guy Big D, Helluva guy! He told us we would take off in a few minutes after he talked to the two attendants. The pilot left that little rat bastard in charge and took the two ladies into the cockpit. About an hour or so later both attendants left the cockpit and were all smiles. Tracy even let me slap her ass. What a great captain!

The premise of the story is true two Mesaba flight attendants really did get in a fight and cause the flight from Memphis to Chicago to be stalled for several hours and the passenger was named Chip Romine, but I did not talk to him this is merely what was going thru my mind as I read the story.


:P fuzzbox said...

Give me a ticket for an aeroplane, aint got time to take no fast train. Lonely days are gone, cat fights goin' on. I got to get home to my baby.

Crazy Dan said...

Things like that would cure anyones fear of flying.