Thursday, November 10, 2005

More Reading, For Those Who Like To Read.

Joe Francis is the owner of "Girls Gone wild" he is in a interesting trial involving some guy and Paris Hilton. Here is the first paragraph on this craziness go to Radar Online to check it out, Especilly those of you into perversions and celebrity whoring.

The videotape on the screen in front of me is stark, grainy. The color is garish, almost fluorescent, possibly from too many generations of loosely authorized copying. A shirtless male figure lies face down on a mattress, his head resting on a pillow. His eyes flutter at half-mast. His mouth is puddled in a stuporous grin, and he looks very, very high. The camera pans to reveal his pants dragged down around his knees and a pink vibrator resting on the crest of his buttocks, lazily gyrating with an irritating whine. The mood is hardly erotic. The man on the screen looks like a hostage in one of those videos streaming out of war-ravaged Iraq: disheveled, sleep-deprived, disoriented, and, just maybe, fearing something on the order of an on-camera beheading. "My name is Joe Francis," he says repeatedly in a damaged monotone, slurring his words in a continuous stream. "I’m from Boys Gone Wild, and I like it up the ass."


:P fuzzbox said...

That's just embarrassing a pink one. Bet that he is wishing he would have cracked out the Black Mambo Special now.

Crazy Dan said...


Big D said...

Apparently Joe Francis loves the cock!